Autonomous energy communities

Energy independence is getting closer every day, at least in Germany. In addition to measures aimed at stimulating domestic production of solar energy and allowing owners and tenants to introduce their surpluses into the grid, the interconnection of national producers through energetic communities that allow it to be shared with the other members of the group.

“The need to have a conventional supplier disappears”, they say of one of them, sonnenCommunity, promoted by the Sonnen company, specializing in batteries for storing solar energy.

With around 6,000 people associated with the community In a country where the number of producers is estimated at 1.5 million, this platform brings the peace of mind that is often lacking when choosing to supply your home with solar energy: it is not constant and in excess. in the community yes.

Therefore, sonnenCommunity associates will be able to cover their energy needs with their solar photovoltaic systems and batteries for storage on days when they have captured enough energy from the sun. However, when this is lacking, for example because it is cloudy, they can draw contributions from the community.

In this concept, members’ surplus energy does not go to the grid, but to a pool virtual energy which is intended only for members of the community.

In addition to operating in premises very similar to those of other collaborative economy initiatives such as uber, this energy community is also moving towards digitalization. In this line, the software monitors all members and collects information on demand and supply available.

The members of this initiative, who must have a Sonnen battery, stop relying on the big energy providers and ensure that everything they consume comes from clean sources. Regarding costs, community participation entails the payment of a monthly fee of 19.99 euros, although it allows to have energy at a reduced price.

This model of sharing economy for solar energy is spreading to places like Italy or Australia from Germany. This country offers the fertile ground for the emergence of these types of proposals, since the electricity companies and the authorities promote a multitude of initiatives to expand clean energies and facilitate the installation of these systems and attractive.