SolarWindow Technologies, the Maryland-based startup introduced groundbreaking windows, which claim they can generate 50 times more energy than conventional solar panels, and above all, they will soon publish the first flexible photovoltaic glass of the world.

Unlike traditional opaque photovoltaic technology, SolarWindow can be easily applied as a coating to any glass window or plastic surface and instantly generate electricity, even in artificial light or shade. The company claims that SolarWindow technology can produce more energy at a lower cost. It offers a very fast return on investment in just one year.

The concept of transparent solar cells that would turn glazed skyscrapers into solar farms or turn smartphone screens into solar panels is exciting, but nothing new. Last year, scientists at Michigan State University unveiled a completely transparent solar concentrator that produces electricity. However, the conversion efficiency for this prototype was only 1%, while traditional solar panels achieve an efficiency of 20-25%.

SolarWindow structure

SolarWindows coatings would be applied to the inside of the glass window and not the outside to protect the solar cells from the elements. To reduce costs, coatings are developed for seamless integration into existing glass manufacturing processes. The “invisible wires” in the glass convert photons into electricity and help provide a visual reference to prevent birds from crashing. The company also believes the technology can offer a 25-year warranty, the same lifespan as conventional solar panels.

We are eagerly awaiting this new technology, as it could revolutionize the traditional photovoltaic market.

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