Roll-up solar charger

Solar charging has a great advantage: that it is not limited to an electrical outlet, but when our energy dependence is greater every day. WAACs have made a viable product without compromising appearance or performance. Inspired by ancient papyrus rolls combined with modern flexible solar cells, we make sure that the lack of electricity is no longer one of your concerns.

Roll-up solar charger1

It’s made of aluminum (which is endlessly recyclable) and has a compact shape so you can carry it in any bag or even in your pocket. Flexible green energy away from home. To start getting energy, you just have to unroll it and place it in the sun to be able to recharge it.

People often worry about the power level of their mobile devices. Especially when they are traveling and don’t know when it will be possible to charge their electronic devices. With this solar charger in your bag, you will no longer have a phone, digital camera or tablet with a dead battery.

Roll-up solar charger2

It has two types of connection: USB and mini-USB.

Roll-up solar charger3

More information: WAAC.