Are you looking for ideas to separate rooms at home? Here we propose some room dividers and partitions that may interest you: shelves, slats …

shelves to divide rooms

Open kitchens are part of a trend that has been consolidating in our country in recent years, and it is here that it is necessary to use decorative elements to separate rooms without resorting, of course, to lifting walls. This type of tool does not have to be limited to open kitchens, we also think of large studios or lofts where there is basically a large living room.

It is, therefore, a resource that will allow us to keep an open room with all its advantages, without giving up being in a space that feels different or even more intimate depending on the chosen partition.

There are different ways to achieve this separation, so it should not be difficult to find one that is not incompatible with the environment and is to your liking.

  • Different types of soil for room dividers. It is not always possible to use the soil to differentiate environments since it may be necessary to carry out works, but it is the light way to obtain the desired effect, with less obstacles and with excellent results if the floors chosen are suitable. Today, with laminate or vinyl floors, which practically do not require work, it has become much easier to use different floors as partitions.
    separate environments with the soil
  • Cabinets or shelves. This is the preferred strategy for those who do not have excess space or simply want to take advantage of every inch, this time for storage. The advantage of using a shelf instead of a cupboard is that the light will pass through it and the illusion of a larger space will be achieved, however with a cupboard the storage capacity is greater.
    shelves to divide rooms
  • Curtains. It is one of the cheapest and simplest options to achieve this separation at home. Just find the ideal place to hang them and in a few minutes they will be ready. The great advantage of using curtains is that in a short time, if we get bored or if we change other elements of the house and the curtains don’t match anymore, we can replace them with others without incurring many costs or even eliminating them.
    curtains for separate rooms
  • Japanese panels for room dividers. We could say that it is a small variant with regard to the curtains, although it provides an oriental air, very recent in recent times.
  • Screens. They can be used at one time and removed the next, for example, when visitors arrive. Depending on the design of this it can be a very elegant way of separating environments.
    different environments screen
  • Glass walls or enclosures. This time there is a separation that makes it impossible for us to go from one area to another, but from a visual point of view it is not perceived as something so extreme. In some cases, this type of glass wrap is used around the kitchen to prevent the passage of odours. It may require small works at home. These partitions or cabinets are also increasingly used in offices. The great advantage of this option is that there are no barriers to vision and light.
  • Wooden partitions. Creating a “wall” with boards or wooden slats, leaving a space between them, so that the light passes and you can see what is on the other side is also an excellent partition. In addition, depending on the treatment and the wood used, we can adapt both to rustic decorations and to some more modern or current ones.
    wooden partition
  • Logs or branches. It is a variant of the previous split method, where the trunks or branches are used as they were cut, so that they are all irregular and different.
  • Folding or sliding doors. In some cases, sliding or folding doors can be installed that go from one wall to another and allow to give a total separation to the environment or simply the feeling that it can be closed, which is enough to give the impression that we are in two different spaces Ideally, in these cases, the door should reach the ceiling or as high as possible to achieve a greater continuity effect when opened.
    share rooms with doors
  • Carpets. A simple rug, well placed under the sofa and covering the area we want to differentiate, may be sufficient to obtain the desired effect.
  • The sofa itself. Some furniture, in most cases a sofa, that turns its back on the space we want to separate can be an excellent option.
    separate with furniture