Urban Green Energy (UGE) and GE unveiled the Sanya Skypump, an electric vehicle charging station that integrates GE’s WattStation ™ technology with UGE’s Sanya technology, a hybrid streetlight that uses solar and wind power. Skypump will allow electric vehicle users to charge their cars using a renewable energy source, giving them greater certainty about the often unknown source of energy from the electricity grid.

The lack of an adequate charging infrastructure is a big challenge for the adoption of electric vehicles. In this regard, Skypump helps alleviate this problem with its easy-to-install solution that can be seamlessly integrated into roads and parking lots, as demonstrated by those who already have public lighting in Sanya.

Following the success of WattStation ™, GE continues to seek innovative solutions for the electric vehicle“he claimed Michael mahan, General Product Manager at GE Energy Industrial Solutions. “By merging the sleek design of the UGE Sanya floor lamp with GE’s WattStation ™, we have taken a step forward in the adoption of the electric vehicle, making it easier to access renewable energy sources.“.

Our cooperative efforts with GE Energy have resulted in the innovative Sanya Skypump technology, a charging station that runs on energy from wind and sun.», He stressed Poul Heilmann, business development manager at UGE. “Finding a sustainable source of energy for the electric car is one of the concerns of customers to develop a more environmentally friendly mode of transport. Skypump uses a UGE-4K wind turbine combined with solar panels to offset much of the energy used by a commercial charging station“He added. “We are extremely pleased to partner with GE Energy to provide innovative and stylish design to drive adoption of renewable energy technologies while reducing environmental impact.“.

Although the international launch is scheduled for early 2012, UGE will start installing the first Skypump Sanya units in early fall in New York, Beijing and Barcelona.

Skypump is designed for business users, while home users can use a combination of GE’s UGE-4K wind turbine and wall mounted WattStation ™ to ensure their electric vehicle is powered by green energy. .

In this sense, the GE WattStation ™ Electric Vehicle Wall Charging Station is a fast and easy-to-use charging solution that is designed for newly built homes and garages and can be installed inside or outside the building. garage. as fitted out for old houses. This level 2 charger offers a complete solution for users of consumer electric vehicles. Unlike other conventional chargers which charge overnight, this station is capable of performing a full charge in between four and eight hours.

UGE’s Sanya street light, which was launched in December 2010 and is already installed in several locations around the world, enables municipalities and commercial consumers to provide the necessary lighting when they are disconnected from the electricity grid. UGE recently launched The Boardwalk, a lighting solution for parks and trails, to complement Sanya.

With the Sanya Skypump, UGE and GE have created a product that allows charging stations to be placed in a multitude of locations to meet consumers’ charging needs.