In total, around 2.8 thousand tonnes of organic waste will be recycled each year. The city of Sao Paulo has inaugurated the first composting yard in the East zone. This new space is the third established in the Brazilian city, which will annually remove 2.8 thousand tonnes of organic waste from sanitary landfills, transforming them into around 420 tonnes / year of quality compost. This product can be used in the maintenance of parks and squares, as well as being distributed free of charge to its residents. When in your city? When will your city council stop burying this precious resource with the rest of the garbage?

The land of 4,539 m² is located in the district of Mooca, it has nine separate spaces that will receive approximately 60 tons of organic waste (fruits, legumes and vegetables) per week, from the districts of Agua Rasa, Belém and Brás.

The initiative of the Municipal Authority for Urban Cleaning (Amlurb) is a step forward for the city of São Paulo in achieving the objectives of the National Solid Waste Management Program. In addition to reducing the amount of waste going to landfills, it helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the environment, as well as operating costs, as it prevents the movement of trucks.

Since the start of the project in December 2015, São Paulo has stopped sending around 3,900 tonnes of organic waste to landfills, turning it into around 500 tonnes of high-quality organic compounds.

The development of this structure is a partnership between Amlurb with the sub-prefecture of Mooca and the company Inova.

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