saurea solar motor

This solar engine never breaks down. Frenchman Alain Coty, a retired electrical engineer, designed it in his spare time. He designed it without the use of separate parts, an engine that can run for 25 years without maintenance.

Saurea is designed for remote areas without access to electricity to power supply power to water pumps or irrigation systems.

Solar installations in the poorest or most remote communities in the world have a big problem, breakdowns and spare parts. For this reason, they are often abandoned.

In 2008, the first Saurea prototype was completed. There were similar engines, but Saurea was much more powerful. Saurea does not contain any parts that may wear or break, so the useful life of the motor is the same as that of its solar panels, we are talking about 25 to 30 years.

The new Saurea model will be manufactured in a pilot series of 100 units. The motors will be installed in remote and sunny places in Africa, Australia, Latin America and Asia, by ordinary people, with the intention of testing their operation.

But the first test will take place in Mali, with the help of GERES. This test aims to pump water for crop irrigation to a community of women. The motor must be able to pump 14 m3 of water per day, water to a depth of 8 meters. The water will be distributed over an agricultural hectare with a drip irrigation system. The pump will also provide drinking water to a community of 600 people. The engine could be a lot more powerful, but it’s important to start small, they tell us.


Saurea has other potential applications: ventilation of homes or food warehouses, refrigeration of vaccines and drugs, aeronautical applications, oxygenation of fish farms, water filtration or various uses in agricultural machinery.

In France, it has aroused interest in the education sector and in the irrigation of public and community gardens.

Saurea has already received multiple rewards: the BNP Paribas “Coup de Cœur Prize of the Innovation Pole”, the “Hope for Innovation Trophy” of the Y’a d’l’idée competition in Normandy and the Coup de Cœur Ecomasterclass Retis / Ademe Prize, among others.

The project received requests for information from all over the world. Saurea is currently looking for investors and partners in the industry, to be able to complete the development of the engine and manufacture it on a large scale.


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