Robot pool cleaner. Image: Manuel Segura Martínez Shutterstock.

Almost everyone’s dream is to have a swimming pool at home and it is without a doubt that spending long summer months with an occasional refreshing dip in between definitely makes a difference.

What you might not know is that having a swimming pool is literally a luxury, not only because of how beautiful your property is with one of them, but because of the high costs it entails. involves in terms of maintenance, because yes, to keep it clean at least one or two weekly cleanings are necessary. Which in turn translates into a lot of physical and economic effort because, if you don’t intend to pay for the services of a company with qualified personnel to do it, you have to do it yourself.

Clean water.

If you finally decide to do the cleaning work yourself, you should keep in mind that you have to buy a lot of chemicals and tools that help you keep the water clean, like a net to collect. surface trash, a brush for cleaning walls and stairs, a special vacuum cleaner for swimming pools and a pH meter which, if you don’t have it, it is very likely that all your efforts will be in vain because you will not know not if the “seemingly clean” water is safe for swimming and it’s your turn to throw it out.

This last part is the most worrying. Do you know how much water you waste each year by not performing proper preventative maintenance on your pool? Let’s see, we’ll provide you with a formula that it is not universal as it varies depending on the shape and depth of each pool but assuming it is 3m wide x 2m long x 1.5m deep we are talking about 9000 cubic meters as the boots and 9000 more cubic meters to fill it up again If it happens to you at least once a month, how much money do you lose per year? You were shocked, right?

Robot pool cleaner.

Calm! Everything has a solution, and it’s a very good solution. When faced with the possibility of saving time and money, no one can resist, which is why we want to introduce you to something that you probably don’t know. It is a robot specially designed to clean swimming pools in depth and with greater efficiency.

Yes, thanks to today’s technological advancements, there are several robotic pool cleaner or “pool cleaners” as they are also called. They are automatic or manual and depending on the model, they work with hydraulic or electric power.

he automatic robotIt is comfortable and ideal if you want it to do its own thing because, simply by turning it on, it will clean from the surface or the floating area all the way to the bottom and walls of your pool. Thanks to the intelligent technology at its disposal, these provide better results because even after neglecting some dirt, at the end of its journey, the machine scans everything again and will clean what it left behind.

It’s not the best, in addition to removing all traces of dirt, it does it in just 2 hours. Something that a company worker or yourself would surely take a minimum of 5 hours.

For their part, manual robots if they need your help to do all the work, since you are the one to bring it to every part of the pool. However, don’t be discouraged by this, this type of robot is still very efficient and is also much less bulky than using a net to clean the surface and do all the work that we already touched on at the beginning. In fact, the most important thing is that the results last much longer.

Finally, it will always be much more useful to have a robot to clean your pool, mainly because by having one you can do daily maintenance if you want to and it will prevent the water from being contaminated so quickly. , which in turn saves you thousands of liters per year. And then on a related note, you can also make a lot more chemicals that you need and get rid of them when you throw away the water. All of this translates into a great relief for your wallet, so buy yours.