Saving ecologically is not a myth as many believe. The truth is that a large part of the population has already started to make this supposed challenge a reality. To achieve this, they put aside certain routines and acquired other more environmentally friendly forms of savings.

If you want to know the most efficient and ingenious methods, Finance Spain offers the possibility of economy by unconventional but effective methods. The platform allows you to save a minimum of 32 € to 57 € per month.

From not throwing away food, disconnecting the mobile’s Wi-Fi when not in use, reusing plastic, buying in bulk … Currently, the savings are not in line with the premise typical of unforeseen events.

Here are some of the ways you can save:

5 tips to save while helping the planet

1 – Reuse the clothes.

Did you know that the textile industry is the third most polluting on the planet? Each year, more than 750,000 tonnes of textile waste ends up in landfills and this only in Spain.

The reuse and recycling of clothing is in our hands.

Buying second-hand clothes, wearing the clothes of family or friends is a great ecological saving. Adults and children need to start raising awareness of the residual pollution that we can produce if we don’t take action.

2 – Repair and repair electrical devices.

Sometimes repairing a gadget can be cheaper than buying a new one, it also helps the environment. Giving a second chance never hurts.

The European Union has already published a regulation that will be applicable in 2021 by which manufacturers will have to provide spare parts for 10 years. Repair is our future.

3 -Water.

Reducing water consumption saves money and helps the environment. Did you know that in Spain more than 170 liters are used per day and per person? Much of this consumption occurs in the bathroom.

How can you cut? Avoid buying bottled water and drink tap water instead.

In Spain, tap water is drinkable and meets sanitary requirements. If the flavor is not what you are used to, you can buy filters which, in addition to purifying the water even more, will give it a good flavor.

4 – Electricity.

Did you know that when you install a washing machine, over 85% of the energy consumption is used to heat the water?
The economic difference between washing clothes at 30 ° C or 40 ° C is over € 123 per year.

The cold program can be used for lightly soiled clothes. In addition, high temperatures can cause clothing to fade.

Separate clothes by degree of soiling and by type of wash. Towels are the ones that need heat the most, to eliminate bacteria it is advisable to set a program at 60 ° C.

5 – Feminine hygiene.

Using reusable cloth wipes, cottons, and paper towels are pollution and economical expense that you can save by using washable towels.

More and more companies are betting on the launch of more ecological feminine hygiene products, such as reusable make-up removing wipes, menstrual cups or reusable tampons.

Gradually change your daily habits

Saving money not only has financial benefits, but also benefits our planet.

Starting to save and contribute to the environment is no longer a challenge. You just have to make a savings plan based on customs.

Finance Spain suggests not making drastic changes to our daily routine, but rather starting small. When we have already established one of the changes as a routine, again modify our daily habits and customs with another modification of our daily habits which benefits the ecological savings.