In Bricolaje 10 we now want to talk about the doors and the problems they can cause us if they have been in our house for several years, so we will see how we can solve them.

The truth is that the doors that usually give us the most “problems” will be the wooden ones or the ones that many of us actually have. House either because they do not close properly, or because they get stuck, or because a handle has broken.

How to repair a door:

  • Depending on what was broken or what is the problem we have with our door, we can find one or the other solution, so first of all we have to distinguish where the breakage or problem is and how we can to repair it.
  • If our door makes noise and doesn’t open and close properly: The problem will be localized in that it will rub against the ground, either because it is new and a little higher, or because the wood has swollen from the humidity. To solve this problem, it is best to place a not very thick sheet of sandpaper on the floor and just where you can see that the door is not working well and is also making noise. We open and close the door several times and thanks to the sandpaper we will achieve that the area that rubs the floor is sanded when the surface is lowered. With this we will get the part of the door that touches the floor to be sanded, lowering the surface and avoiding noise.
  • If we see that although we pass the sanding sheet, the door continues to rub, then it will be necessary to disassemble the door and sand it with a belt sander.
  • If the problem is in the hinges and we need to change them:Before we think we need to remove the door, we also need to make sure that the repair doesn’t have to do with changing everything and maybe we should adjust a screw that can be loosened or broken.

  • If it is really necessary to change the hinge, then we need to remove the old ones and make sure that the wood has not cracked or broken in the area where the hinge.
  • In addition, we have to make sure that the screws of the old hinges did not make a bigger hole than normal or what we need in the wood, so we have to buy wooden dowels, which are sold in specialized stores and fill these holes with these tips that we will cover later with carpenter’s glue.
  • Once we have done that, we can place the new hinge and fix the screws in such a way that they do not move.
  • The moment the wood has cracked or we see it starting to split open: The solution will be to fill the open or cracked area with a special paste, which for this type of case must be colored wood wax, which is placed by heating it with a hair dryer, and then pressing it on the crack.

I now leave you videos on repairing doors:

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