Semi-transparent perovskite photovoltaic glasses
PRNewsfoto / Skanska Business Development.

Construction company Skanska will test semi-transparent perovskite solar modules on the windows of some of its new offices.

The new generation of photovoltaic glass is ready to be integrated into buildings. The Swedish company Skanska, which will test its performance in the first offices equipped with perovskite solar glass, is betting on this. The company designs and develops commercial buildings with a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. The option of integrating renewable solutions into its projects is not new, but the technology in question will allow the company to create a unique space in the world.

Skanska has signed an agreement with the Polish company Saule Technologies, a new company which produces photovoltaic modules in semi-transparent perovskite. The technology, one of silicon solar power’s most promising competitors, has made great strides in a very short period of time. Obviously we are not talking about a mature market (the apps are all still experimental) but there are several experts who have fixed 2019 as the year of the launch of the first commercial devices on the market.

Perovskite cells offer new opportunities for architects and construction companies wishing to use solar energy“Says Olga Malinkiewicz, Co-Founder and CTO of Willow. “Our modules are lighter, thinner and easier to design than conventional silicon modules“, Add.

The young company took several steps forward, achieving stability and water resistance and adapting production to inkjet printing. In this way “We can customize the shape, color and size of the module according to the customer’s needs and install it anywhere there is a clear area in the building. It also means not having to be confined to the ceiling.. “

The first production line, capable of manufacturing solar modules with a power of 100 W / m2, is expected to go into service in the fall of 2018, but construction experiments could come sooner. Innovative perovskite photovoltaic glass crystals will be the main ingredient in a series of Skanska brand offices that have acquired the rights to use them. “Working with Willow Scientists“Adds Katarzyna Zawodna, CEO of Skanska Business Development in Central and Eastern European Countries,”we make this dream come true and create more energy efficient buildings with less carbon emissions. “


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