Seychelles floating solar park. Image: Avigator Fortuner – Shutterstock.

In the Seychelles, the French developer Qair has been chosen to develop the world’s largest floating solar power plant to be installed in salt water.

The 5 MW power plant will be the first independent power producer (IPP) project in Seychelles.

The project, which is scheduled to start in July, will be built in a lagoon on Mahé, the main island of the archipelagic nation. The company says it will be the largest floating photovoltaic project in the world to be installed in a saltwater environment when it is completed later this year.

The call for tenders launched by the government in 2018 awarded the best technical and financial score to the consortium formed by Quadran Seychelles and the local solar player VetiverTech.

The 25-year PPA contract with the Public Services Corporation (PUC) is expected to be signed in February 2020, and commissioning is expected to take place in late 2020.

First PPA project in Seychelles.

The project is the first solar panel to be led by an IPP in Seychelles, according to Qair. The solar power plant will need 13,500 solar panels, which will be built on 40,000 square meters above water.

When completed, the installation will account for around 2% of the island nation’s total electricity production.

The company secured the project through a government tender in 2018, while the group still operated under the Quadran brand.

He submitted a bid for the floating PV project as part of a consortium involving the Seychelles-based PV installer VetiverTech.

According to IRENA, the country currently has an installed solar capacity of 0.9 MW by the end of 2018.