If you want to decorate your interior in a personalized way with shelves and shelves that have a great originality, you just need to develop your ingenuity and put into practice these fabulous ideas that we offer you below. Turn a basket, boxes or series of pipes into fabulous shelves with which to decorate that empty wall of your house. Recycle building materials for decorative and useful purposes, as well as for the benefit of the environment. Taking into account that we still lack space where we can place our books and objects, these shelves will be a great solution. So today we are going to show you ten ideas and designs for creating shelves and shelves with surprising elements and simple, handcrafted methods.

How to make hexagonal shaped shelves

How to make shelves

Shelf with supports

The most traditional method of creating a homemade coat is buy supports or squares. There are many sizes and colors, larger or more discreet, so you can choose as you like. Get a pair for each shelf you want to place and screw them to the wall at the desired height. Then you will only need a wooden board that you will have to place on it to act as a surface. Completed, a classic and durable shelf!

Honeycomb shelf

Perhaps a shelf design that mimics the hexagonal shape of bee panels is one of the most creative and fun ways to keep your books organized, photos and other items. You only need six small wooden planks, multiplied by as many shelves as you want in total. Building the hexagon will be the hard part, at least to get the exact shape, but once you have them you just need to play around with the placement a bit to create an attractive design.

Hanging shelf

A wooden crate and a rope, that’s all you need to be able to make an original and simple shelf yourself. Make two holes in the box on each side, Pass the rope through them like a handle and tie a knot to keep it from coming loose. Now all you have to do is find a wall in your house to hang this shelf on and it would be ready and ready to place your books and things. If you want to add a splash of color, you can paint the exterior in a striking shade. Now your shelf is also decorative.

How to make shelves with hanging boxes

Shelf with asymmetric boxes

Do you have additional boxes or drawers? Maybe an old piece of furniture that you won’t be using anymore? Instead of throwing them away you can combine them to create a personal and unique library which will also serve as a powerful design element for your home. Find a particularly large box to be the base and all you have to do is place the others on top. Don’t be afraid of not following a symmetrical, standard shape, sticking out a box on one side, or stretching out another. When you have the shape you like, all you have to do is glue them all together and that’s it.

Shelf with wooden planks

If yours is a sober design, then only two plates of about 180 centimeters high from a soft wood like pine and a third about 9 centimeters wide. The first two will need to be joined on one side to create the base of the shelf. With the other, you can get as many shelves as you want on your shelf. Because pine wood is very soft, you won’t need a power tool to do this simple job.

Shelf with baskets

It’s that simple. Obtain a metal basket, place it horizontally and hang it on a wall (screw it or use glue). With this idea, you will probably get the most original and eccentric shelf that can exist in a house. Ideal if you want to accommodate light items such as a few books or your accessories. And if you want to give it some color, paint it or splash it with some paint.

Shelf with pipes

These pipes which protrude a few centimeters from the wall and that you can’t remove in any way, now they won’t just “make it ugly” anymore. Place planks of wood at different heights, and even better if they have different lengths, and you will end up with a shelf that will give your home an industrial and modern design.

How to make shelves with pipes

Mobile shelf

Probably one of the most original ideas that we offer you in this article. Two thick wooden planks, four pairs of wheels and a pair of baskets. Screw the wheels onto one of the wooden planks and this will be your movable base. Then you just have to place the two baskets on the top, on the side so you can store things inside, and on them the other wooden board. With this you will get a few shelves that you can move around and place anywhere you want.

Reorganizable shelf

A thick wooden board with a series of holes forming a grid form the basis to create a shelf that you can rearrange whenever you want. You just need to make shelves with protruding wooden brackets, the same shape and size as the holes in the base, and you’re done. Then you can reposition them as you want or according to your needs at any time.

Shelf with ladder

Stop breaking the coconut. You have a old ladder? Yes it’s drink better. Well, you already have a modern and original shelf. Place it against the wall, better in a corner of the room, and that’s it. Without having to glue, nail or screw anything. Use the steps to accommodate books, photos or flowerpots or even to hang a small picture. And, if you want to add an extra splash of color, you can splash the stairs with a little paint.

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