In WoodMe we are now talking about what they are and how we can shower screen and which have become very fashionable since shower trays are increasingly installed in homes to replace bathtubs. We are talking about the shower screens.

Shower enclosures seem to be trendy or, in fact, they are already installed in many homes, because although we can also find them for bathtubs, they are more common with modern shower trays which save a lot of money. space.

What are shower screens?

However, it should be clarified what are the shower screens so that there is no doubt:

  • Curtain substitute – The screens replace the curtain that we will all have in our bathtub. However, shower screens provide much more protection, as they completely prevent us from getting the floor wet while we shower.
  • materials – The material in which they are generally made is glass or translucent plastic, mounted on a rigid or metallic structure.

  • Colors – And as for the color, it must be said that, generally, they are white or transparent or chrome and may or may not have gloss, although if we choose to have gloss, they can end up deteriorating sooner due to possible scratches that may receive.
  • Aesthetically – Despite the fact that the installation is a bit more complicated and expensive than that of a plastic curtain, aesthetically speaking, shower screens are still much better. In addition, they make it possible to insulate the inside of the shower, thus avoiding wetting the outside.

Types of shower screens

Once we know what exactly they are, it’s handy to knows types of shower screens that we will find on the market. Not everyone knows that there are several options to choose from, and in many cases, the one you choose is not the best one for a bathroom. Therefore, when choosing the types of shower screens, the most reasonable thing is to let us know the installer, who will know what the best option is.

So these are the different types of shower screens that the market currently offers

  • Fixed or open hinged partition – These are screens which, in general, are fixed to the wall with a hinge and, therefore, do not move since they cover the bathtub or the shower tray approximately halfway.
  • Mesh partition, hinged or swiveling – It is a screen similar to the previous one, although it has the difference that it can be moved when placed on an axis on the wall. This way, it will be much easier for us to get in and out of the shower. This type of screen folds both inward and outward

  • Folding screen – These are partitions that are fixed from two or more folding sheets and if they are not used, we can fold them on top of each other, so that we have more free space.
  • Sliding door mosquito net – These are the screens that cover the entire bathtub or the shower tray. From overlapping and overlapping sheets, the interior is easily accessible and, moreover, with different access zones; We will find different types of combinations, between sliding and fixed doors.

Once we have chosen the screen that interests us the most for our shower, it will be time to buy it. You can find them in stores or companies as well known as Leroy Merlin or DIY Deposit, where we can also acquire the materials necessary for its installation.

How to install the shower screen

If we are determined to put a shower screen in the bathroom, we have two options. The first and easiest is to call an installer to assemble it. In this case, we know that everything will be perfect, but also that it will cost us money. The second option is to do it ourselves. In this case, you should know how to install a shower screen

So, if we choose to do the installation ourselves, it is convenient to consider several elements, in addition to learning how to install a shower screen. However, many sheet music comes with manufacturer instructions, which is always useful.

  • Sheet partitions – Swing partitions, whether articulated or not, are generally much easier to install than sliding ones.
  • Place the screen – The first thing we will have to do, before starting to place the shower screenIt will be a question of separating the different rooms in which the screen is presented. It is convenient to get acquainted with the material, to know and to have located everything that we are going to use for the installation

  • Secure the hinges to the wall – The first real step of the installation will be to fix the profile or the hinges to the wall. Remember you will need to level with a spirit level to verify that they are placed correctly. It is important that you level the installation so that the screen does not end up coming loose or twisting, hampering its normal use.
  • Tip for placing the hinges – Before starting to use a drill to fix the profile or the hinge on the tile, it is advisable to first choose to use an awl and a hammer. Thus, you will not only avoid making holes on the joints of the tiles, so that they do not break, but you will also make sure that the drill does not slip on the tile, with the danger that this entails.

  • Hammer drill – Once the first hole is made, you can finish it with a hammer drill.
  • Profile location – We can now place the profile that will hold the screen to the wall, first inserting extension plugs in which we will insert the screws.
  • The shower screen – With the profile already in place, we will only have to place the screen, starting with the fixed area, if it has another which is articulated.

As you can see, it’s easier than you might think, although it doesn’t always work the first time around.

How to clean the tub wall

Finally, we tell you how to clean the bathroom screen. The truth is that humidity, the lime and the water drops These are the enemies that we will have to face when cleaning the shower screen, although this is also not an impossible mission.

It is important ventilate the bathroom with each shower, in order to remove all traces of humidity. In addition, it is advisable clean every week or every fortnight with a cloth that leaves the screen free of traces of drops or soap.

Videos explaining how to install and clean the shower screen

Now we leave you a video of how to install a shower screen professionally, in case it serves as a reference.

We also leave you a video of how to properly clean a shower screen

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