In WoodMe we have already told you several times about the different types that may have been installed in a house with regard to windows, and on which we sometimes place what are called shutters.

Shutters are not present in all homes, although it is true that some people choose to place them with the intention of protecting more than cold and other external agents.

What are shutters:

  • It is common that in houses that are very large or have very cold rooms, it is better to place what is called shutters and that these are only “second windows” that we add to those we already have and which allow the interior to be more protected in winter or when it rains, while in summer we can open without problem.
  • Shutters are usually installed with hinges that are attached to the window that we have already installed in our house, and in the same way that they close and protect the house, we can open them fully when the heat arrives to take advantage of the good weather. .

Advantages and disadvantages of shutters:

  • Although the advantages of having shutters installed at home, we have already told you, when you explain what they are used for and in fact their function will be to protect us from the cold; It should be added that they also have several drawbacks.
  • One of the main drawbacks when installing shutters in a house will be the economic expense that they entail, although they are still like a new window and there is a possibility that we install them ourselves; if we don’t have experience we will have to hire someone professional.
  • On the other hand, there is the fact that they require the same “care” as any window, so if we have already installed them we will have to multiply in the cleaning, although although many shutters are in wood or other resistant materials, it is obvious that they will stain and we will have to clean them.

Install shutters:

  • We have already said that if we buy shutters, we can install them ourselves; All you have to do is buy the shutters and put them in place.
  • To do this we can help ourselves with wedges that will help us while we hold the hinges to the frame with lag bolts.
  • We are also going to put retainers on the wall, which will hold the shutters when they are open, as well as a latch or a pin. In this way, the shutters are ready for use.
  • This placement is relatively simple, although it will depend a lot on the experience we have in DIY and the shutters are also measures that correspond to the window we need to cover.
  • Before starting to work without having much idea, it is always better to buy all the equipment in a specialized store where they will explain all the steps to follow.

Video of the shutters:

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