This giant of the seas can generate up to 14 megawatts, and an even larger version is in the works, explains the head of offshore technology at Siemens Gamesa.

Siemens Gamesa presented the world’s largest offshore wind turbine, a model of 14 megawatts with a rotor diameter of 222 meters intended for offshore wind farms.

Morten Pilgaard Rasmussen, head of offshore technology at Siemens Gamesa, expects the company to confirm its first orders for this model soon, with offers that have already been sent to several “global” offshore wind developers.

This launch puts Siemens Gamesa back at the top of the ranking of the largest offshore turbines on the market. GE launched its 12-megawatt Haliade-X platform in 2018 and got its first orders the following year.

There is talk of a 14 megawatt version of GE’s Haliade-X, but the Siemens Gamesa 14-222 DD model has a slightly larger rotor diameter and can be increased to 15 megawatts using a “Power Boost” function.

With project delays in the United States planning to use the Haliade-X, the 14-megawatt turbines from Siemens Gamesa and GE could see their first projects start around the same time.

A prototype of the new 14-megawatt model is expected to be installed in Denmark in the fall of 2021. This will not prevent orders from being placed in the meantime: offshore wind turbines are used to ordering turbines that are still in development, given the long lead times for projects. Or as Rasmussen says, they are used to buying “green bananas”.

Siemens Gamesa is the world’s largest supplier of offshore wind turbines, with a huge advantage over the No.2 MHI Vestas, whose largest model available today is 10 megawatts.

Our next machine will also be based on a similar quality to what we have today. We are always adding new technology to allow for larger sizes. But we do it in a very, very controlled way to be as sure as possible that we can increase [rápidamente] when we unfold the machine.

Morten Pilgaard Rasmussen.

This model has a 10% larger rotor diameter than the previous model.

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