the skirts are a very ancient garment in the history of mankind. Although before they were used interchangeably by men and women according to their origin, today it is only they who wear them; from the oldest to the youngest. In this article, we are going to learn how to make skirts for girls.

Girls skirts

In ancient times, the skirt was not a garment of clothing attributed to women, since the men of the Sumerian, Assyrian and Egyptian civilizations also used it quite naturally. Also in other regions closer, such as Scotland, the skirt was a very important part of the fashion and tradition of the people.

Over the years and fashion, despite the freedom of movement that skirts allow, these were abandoned by men, who began to wear pants. In France, before the French Revolution, trousers were linked to poverty and barbarism. It was after 1789 that the culottes became a symbol of revolution, ushering in a new era.

Today we find skirts of all possible shapes, colors and fabrics: straight skirts, tube, Cow Girls, pants skirt, pleated, long, etc. The variety is limitless, but none will be as original and personal as a skirt you made at home, which is why we want to show you how to make skirts for girls.

How to make a skirt for a girl

Girls’ skirts are much easier to make than women’s skirts. Not only because of the size, but also because it shouldn’t adjust at each measurement from the body. The added benefit of homemade skirts is that we can modify it as we like or make it exactly as we want it to be.

In this article we will learn how to make a gathered skirt, with an inner lining and lace at the bottom and with an elastic thread around the waist. The pattern of the skirt is free, as well as the type of fabric.


How to make a skirt for a girl – Materials

To make a skirt for a girl, we will need a series of materials. Before buying the fabric, we must keep in mind that the quantity will depend on the height of the girl. To make it beautiful, we will need to use twice as much fabric for the girl’s waist.

If, for example, the height of the girl is 50 cm, one should use one yard of fabric width. For the long haul, we must measure the distance from the waist to the knee plus 5 cm for the bottom of the skirt and another 5 cm for the size.

The materials to be used are:

  • Tissue: you can choose a plain fabric or with a fun pattern. The choice is free.
  • A elastic thread spool, which we will use for the seams.
  • A spool of normal thread, which we will also use for the seams.
  • Smooth cotton fabric, since this fabric will be the one we will use for the interior lining. The width of the fabric will be the same as the one we have chosen for the visible part. For the length we will have to remove the 5cm from the waist and 3cm from the hem, that is, it will be the same length as the measurement from the waist to the knee, plus 2cm.
  • Embroidered cotton band, the length of which will be the same as the lining.
  • Grosgrain ribbon, this band will be optional. We will buy 15cm if we want to make a bow or similar ornament.


How to make a skirt for a girl – patterns

So that the skirt is well made, we will use the patterns, which are models made of a special paper and which will help us to draw the measurements which we will copy later on the fabric.

When drawing the part, the using a pattern rule, also called a drawing square. As this skirt is very simple, it has a seam, which means that we will have to join two edges of fabric.

With a marker (frixion) or with a soap (we can buy them in any haberdashery) we mark the seams of the skirt. Then, once we have all the marks made, we will proceed to the cut with scissors.

How to make a skirt for a girl – step by step

Once we have the pieces of fabric for the girl’s skirt, it’s time to sew. The steps to follow are as follows:

  • Outer seams of the skirt: the first thing to do is to overcast the seam by hand or in a zigzag fashion, as well as the bottom of the skirt. We have to take into account whether the fabric we have chosen has a special meaning. If the fabric does not come with a pattern that has a certain footing, we have complete freedom to choose what the hem will be. Then we will fold the waist and measure the space between the seams.


  • Elastic thread seams: VSWe will use the seam with normal thread. We will put the thread in the upper part of the machine and the elastic thread in the bobbin. It is convenient to distribute the crop well, because it can be more or less shrunk. We need to secure the thread at each seam. On the right side of the normal thread and on the wrong side we will tie knots with the elastic thread. This way you will be well insured.
  • Lining seams: The liner will be attached to the elastic waistband we made. The lining will go well with the skirt as it is the same size.
  • Seam hem: The embroidered band should be attached to the liner. First we will distribute the lace with pins, and then we will machine sew.
  • Finishing seams: With the sewing machine, we finish the seams of the lace and the lining and then we will package to cover the seam.
  • Stitched parrot: We will sew one on the lace and inside as a union of the lace and the lining.

And it’s as easy as making a skirt for girls. Moms and dads no longer have an excuse not to sew!

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