Has it ever happened to you that you bought a pair of sneakers and for some reason stopped using them and they were forgotten? Where did you use your favorite sneakers so many times that they can’t stand up? Before throwing them away, we want to tell you how to recycle your men’s and women’s shoes and give them new life.

Faced with the exorbitant prices that can be found in many stores and which undoubtedly cover the effort of the work that made them, the most ethical and the most respectful alternative, and also the most bearable for our pocket, is to recycle our shoes.

Slippers for men

Whether it is men’s or women’s shoes, the solutions to be implemented are quite similar, since they do not always wear heels or closed shoes all summer.

We will leave you three ways to recycle the shoes that go from lower grade to higher grade, depending on the the current state of your shoes. If you are at the point that no option can save your shoes anymore, you can always give them another use. In the world of decoration, everything works!

Change the laces

If you are bored of color of the laces that your shoes have brought, if they are too thin or continually untied, or if you are looking to adjust them completely, in many stores, both physical and virtual, you can already find a multitude of laces of all styles and colors.

Another possibility for the more daring is to attach a different color to each shoe. It is also possible to join two laces of different colors and cross them in the same shoe. You will see how colorful and original you are!

Sew patches to the holes

If your sneakers are made of fabric, which today are the most common thanks to brands such as Vans, Victoria or Converse, there is a very simple trick to continue using them and also integrate a different and striking touch.

You probably have clothes, old blankets or pieces of falls that someone at home uses to store tablecloths. You can choose the pieces you like the most and sew them to the holes. You will need to find a very thick needle that will allow you to go through the fabric of the shoe. You will also get patches or bedbugs.

Change the sole at the shoe rack

If the problem with your shoes is the sole and you haven’t been able to resolve them with homemade methods, you can always try to get closer to your local shoemaker and inquire about the possibility of changing the sole. Today they have been modernized and the range of soles available is much wider.

Woman shoes

It is exactly the same with women’s and men’s shoes. Are you tired of the color or does it no longer match your clothes? Are they too bland and you want to renew them? Perfect! It is very easy to transform your shoes.



Over the past year, silver and gold hues have come back into fashion. Now it is very easy to get a glamorous look even when you dress inform. A skirt or jeans go wonderfully with your silver shoes, and now also with your sneakers.

You will only need sequins in the color you like the most, a type of glue or glue that works for the fabric and the lacquer for set glitter once you have fixed it to the fabric with the glue. Always use newspaper to avoid staining the surface where you are going to decorate.

Apply the glue with a brush, sprinkle on the glitter and finally spray with the hairspray and let dry for a few days. And There you go!

Design your sandals

Another type of footwear which is very fashionable and easy to handle are the canvases like the brand Toms. In many craft stalls you can already find this type of shoe with a wide variety of decoration. It is very easy to do and you can paint them yourself as you like.

You should look for paints suitable for fabrics and brushes of different sizes, so that you can paint more comfortably and have more possibilities to develop your creativity.


Slippers on wheels

If you want to renew your son or daughter’s shoes, you can find in the market roller sneakers, also called Heelys. These shoes have one or two wheels on the sole and allow you to alternate movement using these with the normal movement.

This type of shoe has become very popular, especially among girls. However, be aware that studies show that they are harmful to the health of children.

In addition to being too heavy shoes for them, the wheels increase heel height by several centimeters, which means that it does not support the greatest load of body weight, which it is designed for, but moves forward.

Another drawback is the pressure on the heel itself, which can have irreversible consequences in the long term. Sometimes fashion can cost us our health.


Sneakers with lights

Another way that can be harmful to health is by sneakers with LED lights. Some of these shoes contain a hazardous material, dimethyl fumarate, which can cause burns to the feet.

Before acquiring this type of product, it is advisable to check their origin and the materials with which they are made, since there have been cases of damage to the feet due to the use of this type of shoes, somewhat inappropriate. .

There are many ways to renew your shoes using fabrics, patches or paints. Always bet on recycling and solutions that you can create with your own hands. In addition to having sneakers different from all the others, you will wear them with great pride.

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