Smartflower POP + is a new photovoltaic solution to generate and store all the energy necessary for the self-supply of a house or a small business. With this system it is possible consume clean energy regardless of when it is produced and, therefore, independent of the power grid.

Its founder Alexander Swatek, promises that this system is up to 40% more efficient than traditional solar panels, inspired by the sunflower, its solar panels are always located at the optimum angle to the sun. The aim of this project is enable more people every day to produce their own green energy for the self-consumption of their home.

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How does Smartflower POP + work?

Smartflower POP + is designed for locations where solar energy produced during the day is not consumed during daylight hours and must be used at night. The storage system is capable of accumulating up to 4.6 kWh.

Smartflower POP + offers two alternatives: a system with 4.6 kWh or 2.3 kWh batteries. Model 4.6kWh it is particularly suitable for isolated installations because it does not need any network support for its operation.

Smartflower POP + It is easy to install, it is screwed to the ground or directly to the ground.

It automatically unfolds its 18 m2 of solar panels to form a perfect circle. The system is astronomically controlled and moves on two axes, always following the sun until the last rays of the day, in order to always maintain an angle of incidence of 90 degrees. Each time it is unfolded and folded, smartflower POP cleans itself automatically, removing dust from the plates, thus increasing their efficiency.

Smartflower POP modules have excellent rear ventilation, so their cooling is 10-20 ° C higher than traditional rooftop installations, so their performance increases between 5% and 10%.

From 54 km / h, it folds up automatically to prevent possible damage. As soon as the wind calms down, the installation is redeployed, also automatically.

The system is portable. In the event of a move, it is possible to move the system without complications.

This intelligent solar platform in the shape of a sunflower follows the path of the sun thanks to an automatic control system that allows your mobile monocrystalline solar panels (18 mof them) are always at an angle of 90 ° to the sun, in order to be able to collect as much energy as possible.

Easy to install, it is 2.65 m high, and is capable of producing up to 6,200 kWh per year, above 4,000 kWh you need an average house.


Produces energy even at marginal times of the day, which increases its performance. At sunset, the platform automatically folds back to the original position.

Here is how it is installed.


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The result: Compared to other static rooftop solar installations, this equipment starts much earlier to produce the electricity it needs. It maintains a constant supply of renewable energy, and even takes advantage of the last rays to cover its demand throughout the afternoon. It is only then, when the sun goes down, that it retracts to its initial safety position, fully automatically.


  • Clean solar energy, even when the sun goes down.
  • Advanced technology and intelligent design; weather resistant, high performance and long lasting.
  • Connected or disconnected from the electricity grid, with two different energy storage capacities.
  • Backup system in case of power failure.

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