Christmas is one of the best times of the year and I’m sure many of you still think about it when it comes to decorating your Christmas tree or nursery. At WoodMe we now show you how to make a snowman, not only for Christmas, but also for winter and cold.

The snowmen are perhaps one of the most characteristic elements of Christmas, Y besides winter. If you are lucky enough to live in a place where it snows during winter, you will surely be already experts in their making, but we can also make one so that it stays indoors and for which it will not be. no need to use snow.

How to make a snowman without snow:

First of all, and in order to make a snowman with our own hands, we will make a list of the materials we need:

  • 1. Two balloons
  • 2. Glue
  • 3. Newsprint.
  • 4. Scissors.
  • 5. White paint and various colors.
  • 6. Brush
  • 7. Small brush.
  • 8. A long, thin scarf or cloth.
  • 9. A hat that we don’t use.

From these materials, we can start making our special snowman. Also, if we take care of it, it can last until Christmas.

the ideally, the balloons we took are white, because obviously they will be the snowman’s head and belly, but hey if you can’t find them, that doesn’t matter either since we’ll be placing strips of newspaper on them. They need to be inflated first, but not the same size. The one with the head tries to make it smaller and the one with the belly a little bigger.

Once you have inflated the balloons, you must pick up the newspaper and start cutting strips of paper.

Glue the paper strips on the balloons, and in this way you can get the ball to be more reinforced. Cover the balloons well.

It’s time to take the glue and We will glue one balloon to the other. If you want, you can join them at the end and instead of gluing them you can tie them with a bow.

Once he has dry the paper on the balloons and these are stuck, the time has come paint it white. Be careful because even if they are reinforced if you press too hard, you run the risk of them sticking.

When the white paint has dried, we can choose to start draw the doll according to our taste. To do this, take the brush and draw the eyes, nose, mouth, etc.

When the paint is completely dry, it’s time to put on the scarf and hat and you will have your complete snowman.

If you also want to repair it or have it stand upright without the risk of falling and breaking, you can stick it on a cardboard base And that way you can place it on a shelf or next to your nativity scene.

Now I leave you with videos on how to make other options for a snowman:

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