soap factory

“Soap Factory” is a durable and energy efficient device that turns used oil into biodegradable soap.

It prevents water contamination resulting from the spillage of oils in the sink and solves the problem of continuous storage of this waste and then having to take it to the trash.

Benefits and Uses of Grandma's Soap

Domestic solution to the daily problem of recycling edible oil. Low consumption device which transforms used oil into soap.

Based on the industrialization of the traditional artisanal lifelong soap making process. Convenient and easy to use. Just pour and strain the used oil through the collector-meter to remove food scraps.

The container incorporates a filter that facilitates this task. After pouring in 1/2 liter of used oil, 1/2 liter. of water plus 80 gr. of caustic soda and the soap maker will gradually pour in the oil as it stirs and mixes the soda and water. After 75 minutes the molds are automatically filled and after 48 hours the soaps can be removed from the mold and split manually without the need for blades.

oil life

The traditional process consists of first filtering the oil and then gradually pouring it in while stirring the water with the caustic soda for two hours without interruption. Insecurity: Caustic soda must not come into contact with the skin because it is toxic and corrosive. In addition, toxic gases are released.

The Savonnerie facilitates this process by industrializing it using washing machines and mixers as a reference; take advantage of the heat emitted during the chemical reaction to design a sustainable product with low consumption; ensures safety by avoiding contact of soda with the skin.


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