When we think of natural stone kitchen countertops, it is common to think of granite and marble. But these are not the only options, there are also soapstone countertops. It is a tough, durable material and does not require much maintenance.

As for the appearance, it is usually a dark material, with a shaft that can resemble that of marble. The tones range from dark green to black, passing through a wide variety of shades of gray. Without a doubt it is ideal for those looking for a vintage style.


In an element such as the bench, price should not be the most important variable. We believe that we should not think about how much we can save, but how many years and how much use this surface must support.

That said, we can clarify that the price of a soapstone countertop is above granite and below marble.


The great advantage of this type of bench is that a non-porous material. What does it means? Well, it does not stain like granite or marble, the major drawback of this type of surface, especially marble.

It is dark in itself and will get darker over time. But it is not necessary to seal the soapstone, although it is sometimes treated with mineral oil to obtain a more uniform appearance.

Daily care

There are products in daily use in the kitchen, such as wine or lemon, and other acids, which can stain granite and marble. This is not the case with soapstone countertops, which can simply be cleaned with soap and water.

It is also important to comment that they are not damaged by high temperatures. This is the big problem with compact quartz countertops, which can be damaged if they come in contact with a hot pot or pan.

Durability of soapstone countertops

Although the surface is durable scratch easily. It is a problem that can be solved with sandpaper, but it is there and it is a great inconvenience for those looking for a workbench with which they do not have to worry.