The first yacht powered exclusively by solar energy comes from the Netherlands, can travel 24 hours a day without interruption and generates enough energy to feed up to 5 families.

It was named SoelCat 12 and comes from a Dutch company. It is the first yacht powered solely by solar energy. Soel Yachts, the company that designed this ship, describes its Auckland-built gem as the “Tesla” of yachts, trying to compare it to the American company that promises wonders in the field of electric cars.

While sales of electric cars are steadily increasing, the shipping industry is just getting started with zero emission technology. The Dutch company is therefore trying to show the way.

The vessel has two 60 kWh lithium-ion batteries, with a total capacity of 120 kWh. Traveling at a speed of eight knots (its maximum speed is 14), it has a range of 6 hours, although if it moves during the day, the sun extends up to 7 times the total range. If we reduce the speed to six knots, the ship can travel for 24 hours, so even at night when the solar panels cannot generate electricity, we can continue to sail.

The yacht can offer up to 15 kVA of power. In good weather, the SoelCat 12 can power 5 families overnight, even in the most remote locations. They can be monitored from a smartphone or tablet.

Its weak point, therefore, is the price. The SoelCat 12 is priced at $ 600,000, beyond the availability of many boaters. Dutch architect Joep Koster, was the one who designed the prototype and founded the Soel Yachts.


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