In Wood Me, we have already told you several times about decorative styles for bedrooms, or the best bed for each type of room, but this time I want to talk about the sofa bed and how it can solve many problems without a doubt Space.



Sofa beds are a good option for those who want have an alternative bed, in case of unexpected guests or in fact, they are a great solution for people who don’t have a very large house.

Sofa bed what is it?


Halfway between a sofa and a bed, this type of furniture is in fact a sofa that can be placed in any room of the house, although the ideal is to have it in the living room and this allows turn into bed which usually has the measurements of a double bed model, so it is quite large and can accommodate two people perfectly.

In this way, many people who need to live in an apartment or studio it’s small, they choose it as a good option as they are currently sold models and designs that fold easily and that they are also very modern. This way we can save space and after using the bed we make it and store it for everything to be collected.

Types and styles of sofa beds:

Regarding the type or style of sofa bed that can be found on the market, I have already said previously that they are varied, because on the one hand we can find those who have a bed placed inside the sofa and that to get it out we will need take out the cushions of that since the bed will be under these. It is a type of sofa bed that was used long before but has given way to other, perhaps more modern designs.

On the other hand, we have the sofa bed, which they include a bed underneath, which usually has wheels. It is a slightly low bed, but it allows sleeping on it without any problem, although normally its dimensions are those of a single bed and not a double bed.

Finally, and would undoubtedly be the most modern designs, we have the sofa models which do not “hide” a bed but which themselves become so.

This way we can remove the backrests and forearms from the sofa so that they are unfolded and thus, we can count on the most complete double bed.

You can already see that there are several styles to choose from and that sofa beds are a great solution, although for those who don’t want to have to get out of your bed every night, they might be a nuisance to which it is worth. better to get used to when space is limited.

Tips when choosing a sofa bed

Buy a sofa bed It seems simple thanks to the huge range of furniture of this type that we have at our disposal. However, there are many different types of sofa beds that we can choose from and some models will suit our particular needs better than others, as not all of us are going to give them the same use. You won’t need the same type of sofa bed if, for example, all you want is to be able to provide a place to sleep for a casual visit, than if you have a small apartment and plan to use your sofa. -bed to sleep all. the nights. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to the following recommendations when choosing the best sofa bed for you.

Sofa bed with decoration

If you intend to use your sofa bed every day, then make sure the mattress and box spring you are going to support yourself on are strong and provide your back with the firmness it needs so you can rest well at night. Sofa beds were not originally designed to serve as a permanent bed and, although this trend is starting to reverse today, there are still many models that favor other features over that of provide sleeping people. in them a healthy rest, because they think they will soon change this folding sofa for a fixed bed. In addition, many people, when they regularly go to buy a sofa bed for sleeping, tend to have in mind things like how it looks or how easy it is to open instead of worrying about its true comfort, which some do. end up regretting. nights later.

With that said, the next thing to keep in mind is that it’s easy to open. Nobody likes to be tired and have to fight with the sofa bed for half an hour because it is very difficult to open. So, look for a model that is easy to open to make sure you can enjoy your rest as quickly as possible. But despite this point, we continue to recommend that you put your health and comfort first. A sofa bed that is a little cumbersome to open but has a good mattress will always be better than a sofa that is easy to open but destroys your back.

On the contrary, if you plan to use the bed sporadically and what you are going to use the most will be the sofa itself, then you should give higher priority to the comfort of sitting on it and not sleeping on it too much. Many sofa beds have the downside of being very hard or uncomfortable to sit on because the bed frame or bed frame sits right under the cushions of the mounted sofa, which ends up being quite uncomfortable for users. long term. Therefore, since you are only going to use the bed occasionally, place more importance on the comfort you want as a user of the sofa. Make sure the cushions give you the height and comfort you are looking for, and that when you sit or lie down, you don’t notice any difference between your sofa bed and any other comfortable sofa that doesn’t have a mattress on it. inside. Thus, you will prioritize the comfort of the people who will use it continuously.

Sofa beds Also take into account the environment in which you will place the sofa. At the present time, the sofa is usually, along with the furniture where the television is located, the most important element of the living room or dining room in any house and the rest of the furniture in the room is generally suitable for these. two fundamental decorative pillars. But that doesn’t just mean that they have to match in terms of style and color, but also functionality. Thus, you must adapt the furniture that surrounds your sofa bed to the use you intend to give to this piece of furniture. Therefore, if you are going to be using your sofa bed every day, be sure not to put furniture in the living room that you have to continually remove to open the bed and put in accessories that might be useful at bedtime. , such as a floor lamp that gives off light or a side table to place various supplies, such as cell phones, glasses, watches, etc. On the contrary, if you plan to use your sofa bed sporadically, you can afford to put more furniture around it, as you will only have to remove it very occasionally.

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