SAF is a passive system of prefabricated panels, consisting of a glass enclosure and fixed wooden slats with an intermediate air chamber, with which you can achieve high-performance insulation in both summer and winter.

SAF is designed to save energy and heating resources, dramatically reducing the building’s carbon footprint.

SAF uses simple and durable materials and technology. It does not completely replace insulation, but significantly reduces the amount needed to achieve high performance, using more environmentally friendly and healthy insulation materials.

How it works.

The glass allows the passage of the sun’s rays in winter, heating the inner tube, whose heat, by the inclination of the wooden slats, is introduced into the inner sheet of the facade, accumulating throughout the day. , to dissipate overnight, reducing internal heat loss due to temperature difference.

During the summer season, the incidence of solar rays on the glass makes it possible to reflect many of them, thus preventing the camera from overheating, which also allows heat dissipation thanks to its ventilation, while the inclination of the slats casts shade on the inner sheet of the facade, preventing it from reaching high temperatures.

There are special panels that combine standard SAF elements with photovoltaic modules, which make it possible to take advantage of solar energy, transform it into electrical energy, reduce or eliminate the installation of solar panels on the roof.

Other notable advantages of the system are: a simple and fast assembly, which allows its use in new construction and renovation, admitting any type of interior leaf; it requires a low level of maintenance, because the glass protects the wood from atmospheric agents and solar radiation; reduces the total thickness of the facade reducing the necessary thermal insulation; and it can be considered as a sustainable product, with a high level of recyclability of its constituent materials.


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