Solar balloons that generate 400 times more energy than traditional panels

In the seemingly endless quest to find alternative sources of green energy, we come across simple and bright ideas, like these solar balloons. These giant solar balloons collect the sun’s rays to convert them into electricity.

Cool_Earth_Solar balloon

Rob Lamkin and Cool Earth Solar They have developed a design that addresses the scalability of alternative energy, trying to solve problems and realizing a solar concentrator capable of generating 400 times more energy than a traditional solar panel. We also recently discussed a similar form of solar concentration with spheres, which could even generate energy with light from the moon. The spheres have been incorporated into the world of solar energy.

Cool_earth solar globe

The use of a thin, light and flexible photovoltaic cell film, as well as a 2.5 meter inflated balloon and hung facing the sky, with the lower half covered in solar cells and the transparent upper half that allow light to enter, making these globes more efficient than standard flat panels.

It’s a infrastructure much cheaper than traditional infrastructure, which limits the use of silicon. As they are air-suspended concentrators, their uses are multiplied for the production of solar energy, with a very limited environmental impact.

Giant solar balloons1

Some large-scale facilities are already in operation to field test this new technology.

The search for cheap solar energy continues, the goal is very clear, to be the greatest source of energy for future generations. This is not negotiable.