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A solar innovation that offers an ideal project to generate clean energy in spaces normally reserved only for parking vehicles.

The Carport solution is the best option for:

  • Supermarkets
  • Shopping centers.
  • Car rental companies.
  • Parking spaces.
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But this technology also has advantages for individuals. Even more so if you already own or plan to buy an electric car in the future.

Carport Solar: What is it?

A solar parking lot is a parking lot mounted on a metal structure that uses solar panels to close the roof.

In this way, the solution offers a double advantage. They protect vehicles from the sun, solar panels capture their light and convert it into electrical energy.

This energy can be used for our own consumption or is fed into the electricity grid.

Carport’s photovoltaic installations are very similar to solar system projects. They also use metal support structures such as the solar panel installed on the ground.

In addition to offering a secure and resistant fixing of the plates, these structures also guarantee their ideal positioning in relation to the sun.

In this way, it is possible to optimize the capture of light and the generation of electrical energy.

On the other hand, the main difference is the height and the structures of the Solar Carport must be high enough for the vehicles.

Another great advantage of solar parking is that it does not require more space for the installation of structures and photovoltaic panels.

How does solar parking work.

A solar car park works exactly like a photovoltaic system connected to the grid.

During the day, Solar Carport plates protect vehicles from sunlight while capturing their light and transforming it into electrical energy. A solar inverter receives this energy and adapts it to the electricity grid. Then, the energy can already be used to supply local consumption or inject the surplus into the distributor’s network. At night, or on cloudy and rainy days, grid energy is used to (fully or partially) compensate for system output.

Advantages of Carport Solar

The biggest advantage of solar parking over traditional parking is the use of photovoltaic technology.

Double advantage (shadow and energy).

Unlike rooftop installations, with Carport you benefit twice from using solar panels.

While protecting vehicles from the sun and other weather conditions, the plates capture and generate energy.

Capture the light.

If the plates generate energy from sunlight, their faces should face the sun in the most favorable way possible.

This is easier to achieve in one of these structures, because its manufacture and installation is done according to the previous study of the solar incidence on the site.

Long life expectancy.

The solar panel has a guarantee of use of at least 25 years, but it can easily exceed 30 years.

With photovoltaic technology, three decades of power generation and protection for vehicles can be achieved.

In addition, the loss of efficiency of the plates over the years is minimal, reaching 25 with a guarantee of at least 80% compared to the original.

Low maintenance.

During this period, periodic maintenance is minimal. At most twice a year, under normal conditions.

They include both panel cleaning and electrical and mechanical maintenance of equipment and wiring.

In addition to ensuring its durability, maintenance is necessary to prevent electrical accidents.


One of the reasons for this low volume of breakdowns and repairs is the high resistance of photovoltaic technology.

The plates, for example, are made with such security that they even withstand hailstorms.

The inverter has protection systems for the electrical distribution.

In the case of Carport, the support structures used also have the highest quality and certifications.

Quick return on investment.

The moment you start saving on your electric bill, you’ll get a return on your initial investment.

It will depend on the initial investment, but you will still be able to enjoy many years of your solar panels for free.


With the right amount of solar panels, a photovoltaic carport can produce all of the energy consumed on-site or on another property.

Thus, you stop paying for energy from the distributor and save up to 95% on your electricity bill.


But that’s not all! Photovoltaic technology secures your electricity bill against increases from the distributor.

Your solar energy is not affected by the dealer charges.

On the contrary, the more expensive the energy of the commercial grid, the more the photovoltaic system is saved.


The installation of a solar car park contributes to preserving the environment thanks to green energy.

There are no emissions of CO2 or other pollutants during the 25 year useful life of the solar panel.