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Solar For All is a public program designed to help low-income New Yorkers. In its first part, it lowers the cost of energy for about 7,000 low-income households and ensures their participation in New York’s clean energy economy.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) announced the nine community solar projects across New York that have been awarded under the “Solar For All” program.

These are the first in a series of actions under the program to provide 10,000 low-income New Yorkers with free access to community solar power. Improving access to renewable energy for all New Yorkers is one of the cornerstones of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s green energy program, which looms over the state’s goal of 3 gigawatt solar projects. by 2023, to reach 50% of New York’s electricity from renewable sources. and be able to fight against climate change.

Alicia Barton, President and CEO of NYSERDA, said, ‚ÄúToday, under Governor Cuomo’s forward-thinking leadership, solar power is growing faster than ever and is available to more homeowners and tenants. New York than ever. NYSERDA is proud to promote the Solar for All program to ensure our most vulnerable residents have better access to renewable energy, while supporting the governor’s commitment to reducing energy costs for New York families.

As part of Governor Cuomo’s $ 1 billion program, Solar For All offers low-income households the opportunity to sign up for a community solar project in their area with no upfront fees or participation fees.

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By allowing consumers to subscribe to a local community solar project, these projects increase access to solar energy for homeowners and tenants who do not have the ideal conditions to install solar panels in their homes.

Electricity is still supplied by the regular electricity supplier, while energy produced from the community’s solar panels is fed back directly to the electricity grid.

As a result, the grid is powered by clean, renewable energy, while subscribers receive a credit on their electricity bills. A program that supports New York’s efforts to tackle climate change as part of the United States Climate Alliance, a bipartisan coalition of 16 states and Puerto Rico committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and taking action. measures against aggressive weather conditions at the state level in light of Trump Withdrawal of the administration from the Paris climate agreements, in order to create a reliable electricity grid during severe weather events.

The Solar for All projects selected in the first round will benefit approximately 7,000 low-income homeowners and tenants served by the NYSEG, National Grid, Central Hudson and Orange & Rockland. Apart from the savings on electricity bills, some of the selected projects have also pledged to obtain additional benefits for the community, including donations to local organizations serving families in need, educational programs for local schools. NYSERDA will launch a second phase of the program in 2019, which will increase the number of homes and areas served by the program.


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