Solar glass roof tiles.  Generate thermal solar energy

We talk about the system SolTech Energy for produce clean and sustainable energy through solar thermal energy, with solar glass tiles. Nail A Swedish innovation that can reduce heating costs. A unique heating system with transparent glass tiles. They are also visually beautiful and will give your roof a unique look.

Energy efficiency is gradually becoming a vital requirement for homes. More and more people are turning to more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Solar heating, for example, can be both efficient and stylish with these solar glass tiles. This combination of technology and ecology is part of the change we need. This tile will not need a bright sun to function normally.

Solar glass tiles 1

Its operation is quite simple and easy to understand. The base of the tiles is black nylon, which absorbs heat and transmits it to the air that circulates under the tiles, heating it. The air is routed to a heat accumulator and used for heating or hot water. Thus, the tiles do not heat water, but clean air. The system generates around 350 kWh of heat per square meter, depending on the climate.

Solar tile structure
Solar glass tiles 5

These solar tiles are made of glass and weigh the same as clay tiles, so they do not place additional loads on the building structure. Glass is easy to produce and recycle, the useful life of this material is longer than clay or concrete. Glass tiles are another option to save energy and money at the same time.

Solar glass tiles 3

It can be used to cover open and closed spaces, so it can perform a dual function of protecting and capturing solar radiation.

Glass solar tiles 2

These glass solar tiles are integrated into the building structure and provide a modern aesthetic to any building, which would avoid the installation of more intrusive and less aesthetic conventional solar panels. Se puede utilizar para sustituir cualquier techo, para cubrir o dar sombra a cualquier espacio abierto, para cubrir pistas deportivas o piscinas e incluso para cerrar terrazas o espacios abiertos en los jardines dom├ęsticos, restaurantes, golf clubs, hoteles y cualquio alotro espacier free.

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