Certain inventions and systems have the power to radically change people’s lives. The solar greenhouse designed by Covestro is one such solution.

Covestro, the world leader in insulating foams and transparent polycarbonate plastics, has designed a parabolic structure made of UV coated plates to dehydrate agricultural products. It is an efficient, decentralized, profitable and sustainable solution for reduce post-harvest losses of agricultural products.

The temperature inside the structure is on average 15-20 ° C higher than the outside temperature. The system is lined with polycarbonate sheets to effectively filter UV rays and protect the material that could otherwise affect the final quality of the dehydrated product.

The ventilation system, which circulates the air inside the greenhouse and removes humidity, is powered 100% by solar panels. Farmers just need to store their produce in the greenhouse, and the sun takes care of the rest.

Drying or dehydrating agricultural products is one way to protect them. Post-harvest losses of agricultural products, especially fruits, vegetables and other perishable goods, are estimated at more than $ 14 billion in India alone. For the poorest farmers, this can mean the loss of their only source of income.

The drying process increases the value of the fruit by over 3000%, a figure that can mean the difference between dependence and independence for Indian farmers.


This technology can also help exports increase the income of small farmers.

In southern India, 70 small farmers are already benefiting from this technology, making the most of their crops.

The goal in India is to double farmers’ incomes by 2022 and reduce food waste at the same time, which makes it a perfect example of a solution with a high environmental and economic impact, an effective solution from all points of view.


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