Home installations, both photovoltaic modules and solar collectors, are a popular alternative which is more and more recommended every day to produce our own electricity or to heat water for domestic use or to heat for free.

Once we have decided to install a self-consumption solar system in our house, we have to decide whether we are going to do it ourselves or hire a company to do the installation.

Everything has its pros and cons, but a lot will depend on your skills and experience, as well as what type of installation you want to undertake.

You will first need to decide what type of installation you want or need, in order to calculate the size of the installation. We will focus on the more expensive photovoltaic systems.

In a traditional way, we can experiment with a panel on a roof without slope or terrace, where the assembly of the panels does not represent a danger in case the fixings are not made correctly. There are small panels on the market with which you can recharge certain household appliances and thus familiarize yourself with solar energy production. We are talking about small installations, the main purpose of which is learning. When in doubt, always consult a professional.

For the rest of the installationsIf we start from an average user, with no experience or little experience in this type of installation, it would be recommended only what we mentioned before, a sign in a place where it is not dangerous and learn how this type of solar generation system works. . For any other type of installation, I recommend that you do it with a company or a specialized technician, for several reasons.

In self-consumption solar installations, always we will have to carry out some preliminary and precise technical calculations to determine how many panels are needed and what size, if we are interested in batteries, what kind of inverter or charge regulator to install, in which your daily electricity consumption will have a lot to do with it. For this task you must have technical knowledge and means, it is always better to be advised by a trained and experienced technician, because the investment is considerable and errors will increase our payback period for the installation, or the installation just won’t work.

Imagine that solar installation by Grupo Southwest that we see in the picture, we can clearly see that this is not something most people can do at home.

Photovoltaic installations require a specialized workforce. The different elements that make up a self-consumption photovoltaic system are not easy to install, the connections of the different elements require knowledge in the matter. Improper installation can cause our system to malfunction or failures which in some cases can be very costly.

Orientation of solar panels. Another technical calculation that will increase or decrease the efficiency of our photovoltaic installation depending on the skills and decisions of the technician who designs the installation.

Prices. The prices of this type of establishment vary according to the quality of the product. Normally, a specialized company has access to higher quality products at more competitive prices than us.

Guarantee. The greater the investment we make, the greater the warranty from the installer and the manufacturer. If the installation is carried out by us, we will not have any guarantee against a malfunction of the installation, and in addition, we could lose the product warranty due to improper installation.

Finally, depending on the country where you reside, the installation must be certified by a competent technician in the field.

Our advice is that for large installations, contract the installation with a specialized company.