Solar powered deep well water pump installation

Today we will see How to make a standard deep well water pump, which can be purchased at any hardware store, work directly with photovoltaic panels.

solar powered deep well water pump1

With this system, we will have water every day as soon as the sun rises, without batteries, nor electric or diesel generators, without any type of contamination. This type of installation will be profitable very quickly and we will also carry out a more ecological and sustainable agriculture.

Solar water pump diagram

solar powered deep well water pump3

solar powered deep well water pump5

For this we will use a frequency inverter of the same voltage as the pump motor, for more professional use we can connect a solar controller to the inverter so that the inverter has an automatic MPPT start, protection of the pump by dry well , program start., push start, etc. And it will adapt to the solar radiation of the day.

solar powered deep well water pump6

solar powered deep well water pump2

Example of a 220 V installation.

  • 220v three-phase pump. 1.5 kw. 2 hp.
  • 220v frequency converter. 2.2kw.
  • 240 W 36v photovoltaic plates. 10 pieces (connected in series).

Example of 380 v installation.

  • Three-phase pump 380v, 4 kw 5.5 hp.
  • 400v frequency converter. 5.5kw.
  • 240w photovoltaic panels. 36v. 40 units (we will connect two sets of 20 units in parallel).

The material for this article was provided to us by Cristobal Caño, thank you!