Can you imagine anything more abundant than the sun and sand? Well, precisely from them it feeds to create 3D objects pioneer printer prototype prepared by a German designer after years of research to make the invention work and make a new leap in the relationship between technology and sustainable energy.

Solar Sinter, which is called the invention, is the only 3D printer in which the sun’s rays replace lasers and sand replaces resins. In this way, the device, larger than the average of 3D printers, works exclusively thanks to the solar energy that it collects from the photovoltaic panels that it incorporates.

Additionally, the invention harnesses the sun’s rays and redirects them through a lens onto the sand, which is a key source of silica. When heated to the melting point, it solidifies into cold glass. Only with this, and after inserting the pattern you want to work on in the printer, Solar Sinter gradually shapes it into the glass obtained from the sand when exposed to the sun.

Markus Kayser, a German designer who started his work to create Solar Sinter in 2010, has now completed a fully automated model which has also tested for two weeks in the desert in the vicinity of Siwa, in western Egypt; where he used a cart to transport and set up his creation.

The good results obtained during these tests led Kayser to ensure that with Solar Sinter, significant steps are taken towards a new instrument with enormous potential, powered only by solar energy and which, in addition, has in the sand – so abundant in deserts around the world – the secret of their success.

The young man, trained in 3D design at London Metropolitan University and in Product Design at the Royal College of Arts, has focused his career on research hybrid solutions in which technology and sustainable energy are connected to offer new production alternatives.


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