Solar spheres to charge the mobile

Today we are talking about an innovation in the field of solar energy that will surely interest you: the Rawlemon project. A project which, thanks to the success of his campaign on IndieGoGo, which raised $ 217,000, almost double what he needed to start the manufacturing project, today we already have these solar spheres for sale . In its time, we already knew the project of generate solar energy with this technology on a large scale but we’re pleasantly surprised that it has also been scaled up and developed to provide energy from the sun to our smartphones and small electronics.

solar spheres for recharging mobiles

The original project and prototypes were based on a 1.8 meter diameter glass sphere, in its largest model, generating solar energy with a production capacity of up to 70% more electricity. than current solar panels. in the market.

This glass sphere is based on the same functioning as a magnifying glass: it concentrates much more intensely the sunlight captured in a single point, even in cloudy weather or under the light of the moon. Another very important advantage of this system is the space saving that it achieves thanks to its design compared to that required by installations with solar panels.

German architect André Broessel, its creator, who started working there more than 4 years ago with the aim of making solar energy more efficient and cheaper, a technology accessible to everyone, everywhere.

As they say, thanks to crowdfunding, it is possible to buy it in different sizes. On their website you can find a variety of products all using this technology.