Solar pumps are the most innovative system currently used to raise water without the need for a commercial power grid.

Thanks to the sunlight, these photovoltaic pumps are able to generate energy to allow the pumping of water where it is not possible to use traditional water pumps.

Solar pump kits are a completely autonomous system from the electrical distribution network.

They are used to allow you to lift water from artisanal wells, cisterns and streams with solar pumps, which use the sun’s renewable and clean energy to allow you to always have clean water at your disposal. your disposition.

How do solar powered pumps work.

Unlike conventional water pumps, which use conventional electricity, solar pumps are powered by photovoltaic panels that produce the energy needed to run the pump.

This feature makes them ideal for locations where the power grid is not served or where the costs of connecting to the power grid are high.

The solar pumps are powered by a patented air cooling system, sealed and completely isolated from water.

They can stay dry for months without problems for their operation.

They are completely resistant to sand and their performance remains unchanged over time.

The photovoltaic water pumping equipment is composed of:

  • Water pump.
  • Controller.
  • One or more photovoltaic panels.

The most conventional solar pumps are made of stainless steel and have direct current motors with powers between 100 and 500 W, up to a height of 175 m.

Water Pumps – Why Choose a Solar Powered Pump?

Solar water pumps are an innovative and affordable system, and not just for those who need to draw water from wells or cisterns in remote or rural areas.

These are great solar irrigation pumps that don’t require a lot of maintenance to operate.

Once the initial investment is made, the running costs will be free.

Types of hydraulic pumps.

  • Submersible water pumps.
  • Surface water pump.
  • Water motor pump.
  • Water pressure group.
  • Solar pumping station.