In Albacete, they installed a hybrid system of wind turbines and organic solar panels. This technology should surpass silicon cells in the medium term.

The BreƱa wind farm is located Albacete. It consists of 24 wind turbines and is operated by the company Acciona.

Photovoltaic modules have been installed in this wind farm developed and managed by Acciona flexible organic matter in each tower of the wind turbines, which results in a wind and solar hybrid.

How do organic solar panels work?

These are panels that use plastic and carbon cells, so they are very economical.

They are very flexible, which makes it easy to install them on any surface. Use the organic electronics for light absorption and the transport of goods to generate electricity from the sun.

These types of cells can recharge in low sunlight or partial shade, they are semi-transparent.

While this has many advantages, they must outperform silicon-based solar cells. For this it is necessary that they overcome certain technical aspects such as light absorption stability and good film structure. The useful life is not very long, which is its main limitation.

These solar panels will meet the consumption required by the auxiliary wind turbine systems. With this project, it is planned to study both the behavior of organic solar panels and to increase the productivity of wind turbines.

In each wind turbine were placed 120 solar panels located in a south-east-south-west orientation to capture maximum energy. The model is AW77 / 1500 with Nordez-Acciona Wind Power technology.

Each solar panel has a power of 9.36 peak kilowatts (kWp), They have a thickness of one millimeter and are from the company Heliatek.


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How does the wind turbine work with solar energy?

The solar panels generate the energy required by the internal systems of the wind turbine, in case of solar radiation. It works to maintain a battery storage system, to improve production contributed to the network.

Organic solar panels are connected to two inverters which transform direct current into alternating current.

The intention is that wind turbines produce the energy they need for their internal systems. When they are in operation, part of the energy they generate is consumed by the auxiliary systems. When they are stationary, they will be powered by solar energy.

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