The SolarAid is a hearing aid created for people living in the poorest regions of the planet. Godisa Technologies, a company from an African country of Botswana, designed and built this small, eco-friendly device that sells for under $ 100.

What makes it unique? The SolarAid combines a small hearing aid and a lightweight solar charger that charges 2 small batteries. Hearing aid batteries only need to be recharged every 4-6 days. As the batteries are charged in the sun, there is no cost or need for the individual to purchase new batteries resulting in savings for those with limited resources.

Godisa is the only African hearing aid manufacturer, and the only one in the world, to manufacture hearing aids specifically for the environment of sub-Saharan Africa. Godisa also employs 14 people, 10 of whom are deaf or physically disabled.

Additionally, Godisa is doing what he can to help other nonprofits produce their own SolarAid.