SolarGaps Launches Smart Shades That Generate Energy To Reduce Electricity Bills By 70%

“The world’s first smart blinds“. This is exactly how the American company SolarGaps defines a new generation of blinds for the home or for the company on which it works which, in addition to protecting itself from the sun, generates as much energy as it allows to reduce the electricity bill up to 70%.

SolarGaps shades go even further in this type of innovation so that what was traditionally used to gain privacy and to prevent or promote the entry of light into a home, now becomes a three-in-one capable of control the entry of light. , obvious; protect yourself from the eyes of others and bad weather and, here is the competitive advantage, to produce electricity thanks to the photovoltaic cells which integrate the blinds.

In fact, developers claim that in a three-room apartment with windows facing south, these blinds can produce 4 kilowatts per day. In the same line, a window of one square meter equipped with this solution outdoors can generate up to 100 watts per hour, the equivalent of the consumption of three MacBooks or thirty LED bulbs.

With a app enabled to monitor and control blinds anytime and anywhere, its use also allows reduce air conditioning costs up to 40%. In addition, in order to absorb as much energy as possible, these systems adjust the angle of the solar panels, thus making the blind follow the position of the sun.

The selling prices of these smart blinds vary from $ 783 for size XS (81 cm by 91 or 91 × 91), up to $ 3,818 for XXL mode, available in three options: 152 cm x 213 cm, 182 × 183 and 183 × 213. In addition, the company offers two tailor-made solutions with smart curtains up to five square meters or up to a maximum of ten, for prices ranging from $ 4,899 to $ 9,790. This option is suitable for offices or businesses.

This solution, whose design reproduces that of traditional blinds, search for sponsors via the Kickstarter crowdfounding site Obtain the necessary financing to start large-scale production of the blinds which, for the moment, are only a prototype on which work is continuing, in particular with regard to the software and the control system.


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