This Argentinian solar water heater will heat water in about 30 minutes under ideal conditions.

The inventor is Christian Navntoft, an engineer with a doctorate from the National University of San Martín in Argentina, where he also teaches.

With his team, they developed this thermos that heats water using sunlight. In addition to maintaining the temperature of the water, it heats it to the boiling point.

This project was finalist in various national and international competitions, after nine years of development and improvement, it is already commercialized.

It has a mechanism to open it in half and leave a glass vial exposed to the sun, where the liquid is, and mirrors that maximize the effect of sunlight.


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They received support from the Foundation for Innovation and Technology of the National University of San Martín.

A design that reminds me a lot of the GoSun solar cooker:

GoSun Stove. Portable solar cooker, without electricity

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