Solatube.  Natural lighting system

The natural lighting system Solatube captures light through a dome in the ceiling and channels it through an exclusive internal reflective system. The tube fits between joists and installs easily without structural changes.

Solatube is a high performance natural lighting system. Among its advantages we can highlight: maximum use of natural light without heat input or loss due to cold, as well as the elimination of UV rays harmful to the skin or for maintaining the original colors.

With Solatube Natural light can be introduced almost anywhere, just pay attention to the distance between the place to be lit and the roof, a maximum of around 12 meters depending on the square meters to be lit and the type of model to be installed, with what can be walked over several floors.

A luminaire is installed inside the equipment without affecting its performance, so that the luminaire can be operational day or night. It does not require any maintenance.

The energy savings in lighting this system are obvious, lighting during sunny hours is free and for the entire useful life of the installation, the company estimates an average return on investment of 5 years.

Solatube operation.

Solatube operation
  1. Through the Dome, sunlight is collected 360 ° from it.
  2. Thanks to the reflectivity of the tube (greater than 99%), it transmits practically all the light it collects through the tube to the diffuser.
  3. The diffuser evenly distributes the light from the tube, inside the room to be lit.

Advantages of Solatube.

  • It allows the saving of electrical energy.
  • Installs in an average of three hours, without structural roof modifications.
  • It has a 10 year warranty.
  • It doesn’t need any maintenance.
  • Minimal outdoor temperature transfer.
  • Filters UV rays.
  • Total impermeability.
  • No heat transfer inside the house or premises.
  • Activate the mood. It is ideal for reducing symptoms in people with a tendency to be melancholy.

Solatube applications.

  • Houses (bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, corridors, living rooms, stairwells …).
  • Desks.
  • Commercial and commercial premises.
  • Industrial buildings.
  • Hospitals.

Examples of Solatube installations.

Solatube can be applied to different types of rooms, both domestic and commercial or professional.

Example of a solatube dining room
solatube desktop example
Example of a solatube lounge

Installation of Solatube.


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The electricity savings associated with the use of this type of product are more than obvious, in places where the use of artificial light is permanent, considerable savings can be obtained.

More information: Solatube.