The problem of the low battery life of our gadgets is legendary, without a solution at the moment. We are forced to charge our phone once a day at best. Therefore, an American startup called SolePower has imagined an original solution, an insole for our feet that attaches to any shoe and generates energy capable of charging the battery of gadgets when walking. Yes, we all think the same thing, it has occurred to me more than once.

This sole works in the following way, when we walk we generate a current which, through certain cables which pass through the inside of the laces, will charge a small battery attached to your ankle or already incorporated in the shoe. We will connect our gadgets to this battery and charge. In this simple way, we will always take our foot loader with us. They set the goal that with this technology it is possible to recharge the battery of an iPhone by walking 4 kilometers.


The jig can be used by anyone weighing less than 158 kg. The whole device is waterproof. This includes the battery and all cable connections. An equal insole is provided for the other foot, so that the user does not feel the imbalance.


SolePower obtained the necessary financing for its project thanks to Kickstarter, in order to start commercially developing your prototype. 637 backers contributed $ 60,184 to help bring this project to life.

In addition, it is a very healthy solution. Although many believe the opposite, walking at a speed close to 7.5 km / h burns more calories than running at 10 km / h, because walking involves more muscles than running. Therefore, SolePower is one more motivation for having an active lifestyle.

Currently, they are in the testing phase, detecting possible failures in the prototypes. The version currently being tested is a walking version, but if all goes according to plan, next year they will start testing the current version.


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