Solar energy for everyone! A new plug-and-play smart photovoltaic and storage system for city dwellers. SolMate’s goal is to accelerate the transition to clean energy.

SolMate produces up to 25% of the electricity a home needs and can save around 6,700 kg of CO2. Imagine being able to take a portable solar power generator with you …

Called SolMate and developed by the German company ETT, this new self-consumption photovoltaic system with energy storage system can be installed or moved anywhere you need it.

How it works.

The panels connect to the storage unit using a conventional cable, which connects to a traditional electrical outlet.

The electricity produced by the solar panels flows directly into the house as needed, without interfering with the commercial power grid that powers our house.

Excess energy is stored for use when needed. In addition, the system has a mobile application that allows users to monitor the power supply.

SolMate was designed for people who live in apartments or apartments, for example, who could not have their own solar power generation system due to the conditions of the houses.

These equipments are compact and easy to install, the panels can be placed on balconies or in any free space receiving sunlight.


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