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A Californian startup works for “revolutionize” personal solar energy with a new series of Integrated panels integrating battery storage and UPS, in addition to software that facilitates energy management with autonomous learning of the owner’s usage habits. In addition, this range includes SolPad Mobile, a personalized and portable panel that can be mistaken for a Tablet, but which captures energy anywhere and works at the same time as an Internet access point.

SolPad is the name of the company that promotes this integrated solar energy solution which will be offered in two modalities, SolarPad Home, designed as panels for the home, and SolarPad Mobile, a small mobile device with touch recognition technology, designed for use in homes, for supplying small apartments or as a reserve. On the outside, this panel works as a Independent solar micro-grid for energy collection and supply on construction sites, ships or in emergency situations.


“With our miniaturization and integration of advanced components, we have transformed solar energy as much as the smartphone has revolutionized the personal computing industry, combining many components into a single device that is significantly more economical, powerful and easier to use ”, says about these panels one of his main brains, the executive director and product manager of SolPad, Christopher Estes, who considers that this new range “Revolutionizes personal energy.”

Why does SolPad claim to revolutionize personal solar energy?

According to the company, because this range goes much further than the simple panel, by integrating the battery, in this case in the solid state instead of the conventional lithium-ion; in addition to the inverter, which automatically detects when it should take energy from the sun and when it is necessary to go to the grid, depending on needs and tariffs.

personal solar energy

In the case of SolarPad Home, this all translates into equipment that halves installation and energy storage costs. In addition, the Californian firm ensures that it minimizes any effort on the part of the owner, by automating the generation and management of energy with a platform that even autonomously learns the usage habits to optimize the consumption.

SolarPad Mobile reproduces the same diagram, but makes it a mobile device that can be used offline for provide electricity and internet access. The device also incorporates three USB ports for fast charging, eg cell phones, when the panel is exposed to direct sunlight. Right now, by the way, SolarPad Mobile includes a Conversation mechanism that will guide the owner on the best placement of the unit.

SolPad Award, Personal Solar Power.

The company is currently in the process of selecting partners for the manufacture of these panels and predicts that the SolPad Home range will not be launched on the market until 2018. The one that is already available for pre-booking via the web, although it is also in production, is SolPad Mobile, which will be launched at a price of $ 1995 (on which a reduction of $ 600 is now applied).


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