SolSource Sport

SolSource Sport is the next project that the One Earth Designs company has in hand, which wants to bring to market a new model of portable solar cooker that works up to five times faster than a charcoal grill, all without emissions in atmosphere and without the risk of fire, because the model does not ignite a flame.

To make this idea a reality, the company launched a successful crowdfounding campaign. And it is that at a time when going out to eat was as auspicious as summer, the proposition redoubles its make 100% eco-friendly cooking as easy as possible in any place.

SolSource Sport, portable solar cooker

The operation of SolSource Sport is simple: set up the kitchen, a process that takes no more than five minutes, position it in the direction of the sun and start cooking with one of the containers commonly used at home and applying most common cooking systems (frying, baking, roasting, etc.).

Although the idea is launched for the summer, this cooker can be used at almost any temperature, from less than zero to more than 37 degrees. The same happens with the wind, which is not an obstacle to the operation of the kitchen, as long as it does not blow more than 30 miles per hour. What is essential is the sun, because it is the only thing that the invention needs to work.

SolSource Sport portable solar range zero emission

Designed to be used in multiple places, from terraces to campsites, picnics or boats, SolSource allows cooking in a completely sustainable way, without emissions and without risks since the cooking zone does not even need of a flame. This is important because prevents burns and all kinds of fire spread risks, common in summer. Therefore, this innovation would allow cooking even in protected areas, such as natural parks, where fire is prohibited.

Another aspect of this portable kitchen that its drivers stand out is the ease of transport it offers. With a weight that does not reach five kilos, this kitchen can be disassembled and placed in a 60 cm bag which can be worn over the shoulder anywhere.

Although the market price of this solar cooker is $ 249, those who support the Kickstarter crowdfounding campaign for its manufacture can get one of these models for $ 149.


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