In order for the furniture we buy to remain the center of attention, we must take some precautions, below we give some tips so that your home always comes first.

Dust, dirt, sun and excess moisture cause the finishes to peel, crack or peel, are some of the most common agents that damage our wooden furniture. To protect it, we must regularly feed it with natural cleaning products that combine natural oils, preferably lemon, sesame and almond; and that do not contain silicone (as it is harmful).

What to do about common wood problems, like, scratches, marks, burns? For these you have to take special measures, for scratches, marks and scratches, apply wax crayons or shoe paste in the same color as the wood, this will hide the mark, then wipe with a soft and clean cloth. In the event of an accident in the house where the wood was burnt, we can dissolve the burn by rubbing a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover, recoloring the area with crayons or shoe paste and then rubbing with a soft cloth. Very large or deep scratches or burns require professional treatment.

When the candle wax is still soft, we can harden it with ice wrapped in plastic and then remove it with a spatula, if it doesn’t work, you will need a special wax remover like Wax away.

Something that causes headaches is the cracksThose that are superficial can be resolved with children’s crayons, we melt the crayon wax in the crack (choose a similar color) and let it cool for half an hour. The excess is removed with a plastic similar to a credit card until the surface is smooth. In case of spilling alcohol or enamel, we should not rub it with a cloth – as is usually done – as this makes the situation worse, we only let the alcohol or enamel dry for one night, the next day it is advisable to use a remover and if it works we will have to recolor the area.

And finally something that always happens when we are painting the house, the odious stains or splashes of paint, while they are fresh we can remove them with a cloth moistened with water. When they dry, we can remove them with a credit card or remover.

With these simple tricks we will only hide those small imperfections that appeared during the day, if what we want is a complete restoration the steps are very different.