Sonic dipping

“The best system for cleaning almost anything”. This is how its creators define this new invention, a device the size of a mobile phone that uses ultrasound technology, until now mainly used in medical and industrial applications, at the service of cleaning clothes, baby accessories, jewelry, personal hygiene products or fruits and vegetables, among others. Besides being versatile, Sonic Soak is deadly, they say.

“The latest evolution in washing that uses ultrasonic technology to achieve a more thorough cleaning, in addition to saving time, water and energy”, they explain of the company behind the system, which seeks with a crowdfunding campaign supports for putting into circulation the third generation of the invention. But how does it work and what does it really bring?

Starting with the operation, this system cleans using ultrasound technology. In the water, it generates very powerful waves which, through a process called cavitation, create bubbles that ensure cleanliness. So much so that, according to the creators, This device allows cleaning at a microscopic level, disintegrating dirt and bacteria.

Therefore, the promoters recommend its use to clean “Pretty much anything”. One possibility would be the consumption of fruits and vegetables. It is estimated that a manual food washing removes only about 80% of dirt and debris pesticides and the chemicals they contain. The formula and, with it, the possibilities of using Sonic Soak, are reproduced in personal cleaning products, which are among the main sources of infection; baby accessories, kitchen utensils, as well as glasses, keys or jewelry.

Another potential use of this invention, according to its creators, would be to clean clothes in a much more energy and resource efficient way than the washing machine. Sonic Soak, they argue, is more durable than those devices which, per wash, consume at least 40 liters of water, in addition to accounting for around 11% of a home’s energy consumption. Confronted with this, Sonic Soak uses 10% of the energy and 2% of the water that a conventional washing machine needs.

In addition, the creators of the question device, “Can your washing machine clean apples?” We doubt it ”. With this, they highlight the versatility of the solution they have been working on for the past two years. The idea was born, simply, because the designers are regular travelers who, therefore, often do not have the ease of washing clothes.

It is one of the profiles towards which these innovations are directed, towards which its promoters see benefits for virtually everyone due to its effectiveness, efficiency, size and ease of use. And that’s it, for ultrasonic cleaning with Sonic Soak, All you have to do is fill a container with water, add soap, plug in the system and let it run.. It is, say its promoters, “The ultimate tool for cleaning”.


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