Yes Supermarket positive future

Yes Supermarket positive futureThat’s what they named this supermarket. He was born with the intention of fighting for sustainable development in the city of Barcelona. They bet on the power of their customers to change the world.


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A new supermarket for all those who want to live under the zero waste philosophy. For all those who want to buy without generating so much waste and be able to do everything in one place.

They want allow the consumer to be able to make a sustainable purchase, in a simple way and in one place.

How did the idea come about?

Wondering why they couldn’t fill the used containers, but had to throw them away and buy new ones?

They also went a step further, looking any product they were selling was organic and the way to buy in the store was organic as well.

Plastic can be recycled, but that’s not the only option. There are many plastics and packaging that are not recycled. Therefore, the percentage that can be reused is very low.

The idea is to skip a step earlier and try to generate less waste. It is better to reduce than to have to recycle afterwards.

Organic products.

All the products this store works with are organic. They care about selling products from organic farming, without chemicals or toxic pesticides.

They try that each of them has ethical values ​​and is sustainable. In addition, they have fair trade certifications where possible, which ensures the well-paid work of local farmers.

Create an ecological conscience.

Currently, thanks to the media, the Internet and other sources, access to information is wider. The problems are more and more known around the world. As well as the fact that our actions are responsible for the major problems affecting the planet.

Without realizing it, we have introduced daily habits that damage our planet. Fortunately, the dissemination of this information generates greater ecological awareness every day. For this reason, more and more people decide to change their lifestyle.

More and more people are deciding to live more sustainably, starting with small changes. Hence the need to appear alternatives like this ecological supermarket.

This and other existing alternatives help to raise awareness that there is another way of doing things and not just the one that big industries have instilled in us.

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