Looking for a tree with white or very light wood? Maybe some technique or finish to whiten? These are the main options

white woods

Not only has white been in fashion for many years, it will not cease to be so. From a decorative point of view, it has many virtues. Therefore, many people look for white woods or to obtain this color and complement their decor.

Finishes and white paint for wood

You can apply different wood products to obtain any color. We highlight:

  • Enamels, ie white paint for wood. It is the most economical option. If the applicator is not professional, it is recommended to use a water-based product (to avoid odors and use of chemicals that can be dangerous) and a matte finish, that is, without gloss. Using shiny finishes, any small mistakes will stand out.
  • Lacquer It is the option most used by professionals and those looking for a shiny finish. It provides a resistant and long-lasting result.
  • Pickled or aged white wood effect. It consists of painting a piece of furniture, in this case white, and then undoing the paint to achieve the desired aged effect. To wear out the paint, you can use sandpaper, spatula or even chemicals.
  • Chalk paint. Very fashionable these days, it’s a type of chalk paint, not acrylic. It is very easy to apply and does not require complex preparations for its application. You get an appearance of vintage white furniture, although it doesn’t necessarily have to be this color.

White wood furniture

If what we are looking for is white wood furniture, melamine slabs are undoubtedly the most common option. Melanin is the material that covers most of the boards that cover the furniture that we can find in furniture stores and DIY centers.

The great virtue of this material is that it allows any appearance to be achieved at a minimum price: pure white, shine, white veins, sand, marble and even the appearance of peeling and imitation of veins.

As for the support, that is, the board, we find several options: chipboard, MDF and plywood boards. Each of them has different characteristics and uses.

Species to have a natural white wood

If what we are looking for is a tree from which white wood is obtained, or rather, clear, there are some options. It is worth mentioning that no tree produces completely white wood, there is always some grain and less light tones.

  • Unvaporized beech wood. It is a tree that produces a very light or whitish wood. It’s kind of heavy and of good quality. Ideal for furniture, turning and even floors. It is often sold vaporized, a process that makes it more red. Therefore, if what we are looking for is natural white wood, we should look for untreated beech.
  • American white oak. Wood of excellent quality and very light tone.
  • Poplar. Shipped mainly in the form of plywood.
  • Raft. Wood known for its extraordinary lightness. Its use is also limited by its resistance.