Spectacular stained glass window that works like a solar panel

For several years, technology companies have been working on develop transparent solar panels that can be used as windows, but the window we are sharing with you today gives us a wonderful window based on that idea.

Created by Dutch designer Marjan van Aubel, the window generates electric current when sunlight hits the window. A kind of reaction similar to photosynthesis in a factory generates electricity when sunlight hits the window, this electricity is sent to a USB port on the windowsill.

Spectacular stained glass window that works like a solar panel1

According to van Aubel, “The pieces of glass are made from a ‘sensitized solar cell dye’, which uses its special properties to create an electric current, much like photosynthesis in plants.

Spectacular stained glass window that generates solar energy

This energy can be used to power small electrical devices. A USB port on the windowsill can charge a smartphone in about 7 hours.

The designer hopes that if he repeats the process on a larger scale, on the vast colorful facades of churches or schools, the current showcase could deliver clean energy on a large scale.