Do you want to paint a fake stained glass window to decorate a table? Maybe instead of buying a new table, only with the technique that I’m going to teach you, you will keep it, but it will look like you have a new piss in your house thanks to the stained glass with the design you want.

Well, this is the perfect solution as you don’t need to contact a professional since you can do it with the help you are about to read.

Stained glass-to-decorate

See how easy it is to make a faux stained glass window with the following materials:

First of all, you need to get an acrylic, glass or earthenware that will act as a support.

To outline the drawing, you need stained glass lead.

A stained-glass paint or stained-glass paint pommel in a jar. Keep in mind that if you get it in lead it will be easier to apply it.

To trace the design you chose, you need tracing paper and tape to hold the tracing paper stationary to transfer the design without the paper moving.

You already know all the materials to make a false stained glass to decorate a table.

Start by cleaning the media you have chosen very well so that it does not show traces of dust.

Make the design you have chosen on the tracing paper and place the support on the paper, securing it with the adhesive tape.

Make an outline with the lead of the stained glass on the lines of the drawing and around the support.

Once you have finished making all the outlines, you wait 24 hours for it to dry.

After 24 hours, you will apply stained glass paint to decorate your table and let it dry for seven hours.

You must allow several hours to pass because this way you allow everything you applied to reach support without a problem.

Faux stained glass to decorate

After learning the faux stained glass technique to decorate you can use it, not only to renovate your old table, but also to decorate crystals. The glass on the windows or doors of your home can look like a beautiful stained glass window painted by you!

You will even be surprised how easy it is and it will surely be an alternative for you to avoid the high cost of hiring a professional.

Stained glass-faux-to-decorate-a-table

Now I am going to walk you through everything you need to know about materials which, of course, are very few but essential to make your faux stained glass as wonderful as you expect.

It is important that the support is clean, remove the dust with a cloth and if you find that it is greasy you will have to remove the grease with a cloth soaked in alcohol.

I recommended the traditional stained glass lead because you can manipulate it with the button as if you were drawing like a pencil. You will not have any problems to make the outline, because it is enough to press on the back of the leash so that with this little pressure you can draw your design.

In the same way, you also get stained glass paint in jar or lead.

But you choose the main presentation because you won’t need to use a brush like you would if you choose the bottle presentation.

On the other hand, if you choose a stained glass paint, remember to keep it firm without shaking it before using it, otherwise bubbles will form which will damage the final work.

The adhesive tape is essential because with it you will fix the tracing paper on the support, otherwise the paper will move and it will be impossible for you to make a good drawing.

The tracing paper is needed so that you can walk through the design, which in turn will be a linear design.

Faux stained glass for tables

As an important tip for making fake stained glass for table, you should keep in mind that the table you will be working the stained glass on should be flat, as any irregularities that its surface may have, the paint will flow to any other place where you don’t. not want to paint.

Once you have completed the faux stained glass for your table, you will find that you have learned a very simple technique and you will surely be encouraged to imitate a stained glass in other objects in your home.

False-stained-glass tables

For example, a door in your house that you don’t want to put a curtain on, you can make a faux stained glass window with a good line art.

If your living room lamp has a worn shade, don’t buy another one. Make it a nice faux stained glass window and it will look like new, as long as you clean its entire surface well.

You can also decorate bottles with stained glass to use as part of your home decor.

Now I am going to tell you how you can make the faux stained glass for table with other materials so that you can choose the technique you like the most.

Have alcohol with you, a blunt point needle, stained glass varnish, the image of the design you want, stained glass paint in different colors, gauze, glass polished and sanded on all edges, a marble or wooden base that has a hole in the center, as this groove will help keep the paints you use firm.

Soak the gauze in alcohol to clean the glass and remove any dust or grease that may adhere.

Place the design you have chosen on the worktable, and in the picture place the already sanded glass on its edges and clean it, without placing any adhesive tape.

Use gold relief paint for the outline of the figure and let dry for 10 hours.

After 10 hours of drying, start painting with the chosen colors.

Use the thick needle with the blunt tip so that the paint reaches the corners.

Apply a coat of stained glass as part of the protection of your artwork, but this is an optional step, because it is only because the artwork will have greater protection.

How to make a stained glass for a table

You’ve learned how to make a stained glass for a table, but keep in mind that that same stained glass can be transferred to any other element in the house. Once dry, and if at least two days have passed since it’s finished, like it’s a sticker, you can take it from the table to a window or mirror in your home.

Also be aware that you don’t need to buy stained glass paints in all colors, as you can mix white with red to get a more or less intense pink.

Therefore, just by having the primary colors, you can generate the variety of colors you want.

You can also achieve a marbled effect by using the translucent white paint. When you apply it, you will start moving it with the thick needle and you will get that mottled effect in your work.

On the other hand, relief painting can be replaced by frosted or matte relief textile paint, but in this case you will not be able to transfer the work, so use it if you plan to leave the stained glass in a fixed place.

Where to find stained glass patterns

You now know the materials and techniques for making a faux stained glass to decorate a table and you also know that you can transfer the artwork as if it were a sticker, as long as the design is small and has dried for at least two days, but Still don’t know where to find stained glass patterns?

Well, although you can get them online, it is best to search for your design in any physical magazine or online as you can download the design and print it and then transfer it to glass, ceramic or the earthenware you have chosen as a support.

Even the images I showed you can be used as a pattern for your stained glass by downloading and printing them.

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